A Dream Come True !



“ www.pss.org ”


I and my husband Sagar are ever grateful to Patri Sir for giving us the opportunity to be involved in the development of the “ www.pss.org ” website.


We got introduced to ‘ pyramid meditation ’ and the ‘ PSS MOVEMENT ’ through our close friends Mr.Chandrasekhar and Mrs. Vani Chandra Sekhar. They were instrumental in enabling us to meet Patri Sir personally.


In Feb 2005, I got a dream that I was allotted the development of web site !


At that time, I did not understand the significance of the dream and did not pay much attention to that.


When I met Patri Sir for the first time, at a class in “ PYRAMID VALLEY ”, Bangalore, I was impressed by his class and the simple down to-earth, friendly manner in which he interacted with everyone.


Although I could not meet him personally, at that time, I used to have dreams in which Patri Sir taught meditation and explained lot of spiritual concepts. Some of the dreams used to be around Patri Sir staying in our house with us !


I have always been interested in website design and user interface development. One day Mr.Chandrasekhar casually mentioned that they were looking for someone who can regularly maintain and enhance the ‘ www.pss.org ’ website. He enquired if I wanted to take up this work.


Though I was a bit scared, I was excited about the work and how it related to my earlier dreams. I agreed to take up the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing the web site, if that was okay with Patri Sir.


I started working on the pss.org web site from May 2005. I and Sagar were amazed at the content that was present. “ www.pss.org ” was probably the only site with loads and loads of original, clear content on Meditation and Spiritual Science.


After a couple of months, we wanted to give a new look and new feel to the web site. We then started the work of redesigning the web site’s visual design.


To review the new site design and existing content, we invited Patri Sir to our house. When Patri Sir visited our house the first time, myself and Sagar were so very thrilled and so excited. It was really a dream come true !


I believe it is our good fortune and probably good karma earned during our previous births – that made a Great Maitreya Soul step into our house.


There were no bounds to the joy and happiness I and Sagar experienced. The initial review went off fine with Patri Sir giving a lot of ideas and suggestions to improve the site. Since then, Patri Sir keeps visiting our house almost every month and spends an entire evening on reviewing and refining the site.


Most of the time the work sessions would extend late into the night. I and Sagar enjoy these sessions and the tremendous learning experience it gave us.


We are impressed by Patri Sir’s singular zeal to make this site ‘ the best in the world ’ and also his highly innovative ideas and truly logical reasoning.


Patri Sir’s continuous enthusiasm and avalanche of ideas keep giving us a lot of energy and motivation for doing more and better work on the site.


We launched the revamped website with new look and feel in Dec 2005. After that, we got a lot of great feedback, on the new site design and content, through emails.


People from different locations in India and countries like Australia, Singapore and USA have been expressing their happiness over the new design and superb content.

E-mail : 1

Respected Sir,


I want to donate certain amount of money every month to Pyramid Spiritual Society as I am impressed by its ideals and ANAPANASATI meditation.


A friend of mine explained me the anapanasati meditation and asked me to visit the www.pss.org site, since then I daily visit the site, and daily meditate, and it has brought a sea change in my life and I wish to serve the organization in my own small way.


Can you please guide me on the procedures to donate the money ? I am not rich, hence I cannot donate in thousands but definitely I can donate a few hundreds per month.

Keshav Rao

E-mail - 2 :

Dear Pyramid Trust team, this is Jagadeesh. First I am very thankful to the team. website has been designed very clearly and fundamentally, it gives very good idea for beginners, and i request you to put some more linked spiritual websites.

warm regards,

Jagadeesh Babu

E-mail - 3 :

From : manjula & Prasad Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

City : Chicago, IL

Subject : I am delighted & and so proud of Subhash Patri

Query : Subhash, seeing the web page, I have realized as to how much of knowledge, respect, honour and fulfillness you have achieved ! It is amazing and thrilling ! I wonder as to how much one can achieve in one life time if one has the will to do it. Once again I say you made us feel so very proud.

Manjula and Prasad

E-mail - 4 :

From : Drew Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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City : Richmond, CA

Subject : thank you for radio station

Query : wow ... i really like your radio station on shoutcast.com ... very cool ... thank you

E-mail - 5 :

From : “ aanuj baruaah ” < aanuj.baruaah@ rediffmail.com >

To : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sent : Friday, March 16, 2007 8:25:29 AM ( GMT+0530 ) Asia / Calcutta I saw, about the organization on TV. I would like to know more about how to be there. I am working in a software firm in bangalore.

Anuj Baruah

There were 54,166 page views recorded in the year 2005 from all over the world on our website. With the new look and feel, and revamped content and new features on www.pss.org, there were 3,52,347 page views recorded during the year 2006.


Access Patri Sir’s teachings, messages, audios, videos, activities of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, publications like Spiritual India, Dhyana Andhra Pradesh, Dhyana Tamil Nadu, Dhyana Karnataka .. etc.


“ pyramid radio ”


Recently, we introduced ‘ Pyramid Radio ’ through the site. One of our close friends Mr. Vonna Rajasekhar explored this and is helping to set this up on a regular basis. Now, people can listen to Patri Sir’s flute meditation, discourses in Telugu and English being broadcast, at different times. This can be heard by tuning into Pyramid Radio through www.pss.org.


“ online shopping ”


We are developing an online shop in www.pss.org. Through this online shop, any one can purchase magazine subscriptions, books, audio and video CDs or donate for life membership or room/cottage sponsorship ... using their credit card from any computer.Purchased products will be delivered at their doorstep through courier.


My husband Sagar helps me actively in the development of this site. He says : “ Spending the long hours with Patri Sir on the website has been a life enriching experience for me. Sometimes, going over every line and word along with him and his explanation of some concepts and ideas are like private tutorial from a Great Master. The great amount of energy, passion for perfection and the immense enthusiasm that Patri Sir shows for the website have been superb lessons for me. I have been trying to practice this at my professional job and have been seeing good results there. ”


Me and Sagar ... we cherish every moment of it and it has created a positive influence on our lives. We thank Patri Sir for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we ... Me and Sagar ... reiterate our commitment to make www.pss.org the best in the world !



Hima Bindu & Sai Krupa Sagar

APT-210, Block III, Rich Field Apartments

Outer Ring Road, Martha Halli, Bangalore560 037

Ph : +91 9880141196


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