" I am a Buddha "



My name in this physical life-time is Minood.


I call myself “ Minood The Buddha ” ! And I owe it to the guidance of a Great Yogi named Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji.


Born to a government servant father and a home-maker mother, my life could pass for a mediocre life most people go through until I met this great Spiritual Master. Spirituality was never a favourite topic of mine ! My interest was mostly around the pubs and the night-life of Bangalore where I got posted as an officer of NABARD.


“ strange are the ways ”


However, strange are the ways of the UNIVERSE. I heard about The Theosophical Society and their works in the field of spirituality through my father who, after retirement became its member and took to its teachings with great enthusiasm.


I used to think of his interest in the subject as the idiosyncrasies of a man who had nothing else to do after retirement !


“ an introduction to theosophy ”


Once my father gave me a book titled “ An Introduction to Theosophy ” by C.W. Leadbeater.


I was amazed by the wealth of information given and also ashamed because I judged my father without even trying to understand what interested him.


However, my ego wouldn’t allow me to accept publicly my interest in spirituality !

I went to a nearby ‘ Anjaneya temple ’ where I came to know that meditation classes are being held. Secretly, I joined the class with strict instructions to my wife not to tell my parents about this shocking development ! There, Guruji Krishnananda of Manasa Foundation, Bangalore initiated me into meditation.


“ meditation and vegetarianism ”


The transformation from one who ridicules spirituality to one who meditates three hours a day happened in a few months time. I was practicing “ mantra meditation ” and it was very good for me at that point of time. In the process, I became a vegetarian. From a inveterate beefeater to a vegetarian life was incredibly smooth and fast.


Books on spirituality and meditation interested me so much that I didn’t have time for anything else !

I became bold enough to talk about spirituality to my father who was thrilled by this new development at home ! He started giving me a lot of books. Writings of C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant interested me quite a bit. My wife, who was initially a mere onlooker, became an enthusiastic meditator very soon.


“ mission in life ... become a buddha ”


And, all of a sudden, I knew, without an iota of doubt, that my mission in life was to become a Buddha and thereby benefit the humanity. Thus, I wanted more time for myself.


The only thing that was standing between my dream and me was my job ! Curiously and fortunately, my wife aligned with that greater purpose of mine, though with a few initial hiccups !


With absolutely no business background, I began my search for something that would give my family, additional income stability ... outside of job ... should I dedicate my life to meditation sometime in my future ! And, a friend of mine introduced me to a net-work marketing concept and I was drawn to it as I saw the possibility of freedom from my job through it.


“ no meditation ... no peace ”


Shortly, I was transferred to Trivandrum, my native place. As business got into my blood, meditation started taking a back seat. Productivity at my work place came down. This led to friction at my office resulting in tremendous stress and strain. There was no meditation and no getting in touch with the allknowing Inner-Self.


Things drifted from bad to worse. Financial challenges cropped up from out of nowhere. My negative thought patterns brought about a severe bout of lower backache. I was bed-ridden for a long period.


“ i meet patriji ”


It was during this time that my good friend Shri S.K. Rajan joined me in Trivandrum on his transfer. He introduced me to Patriji and his philosophy of we being in charge of our destiny ... the concept that “ WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY ”.


The more Shri Rajan talked about Patriji, the more curious I became ... as I never heard about such a very special kind of Spiritual Master.


“ ramtha ”


I was told that one of the favourite books of Patriji was “ Ramtha ”. I devoured that book in no time. My life changed with that one single book ! Through Ramtha, Patriji made me aware that God is not something that resides within and along with me but I myself am GOD ! That was one of the most empowering messages I ever heard in my life.

Patriji came down to Trivandrum on October 2nd 2004 ... and thus we met our Spiritual Guru, our Guide, our Buddha-Friend, Brahmarshi Subhash Patri.


“ most powerful personality ”


Patriji is one of the most powerful personalities I ever saw and met in my life. His passion for teaching and spreading meditation is infectious !


That passion inspired us to bring out the first spiritual Malayalam magazine named by Patriji as “ Dhyana Kairali ” ( only one issue came and we are in the process of restarting it ).


“ travancore pyramid spiritual society ”


We felt an urgent need to spread the knowledge and message of Patriji throughout Kerala. The call was so powerful that we registered the “ Travancore Pyramid Spiritual Society ” ... with the magnificent help of Shri Rajan.


We also started teaching meditation and converted our home as a “ Pyramid Meditation Kendra ” with meditation sessions every evening. Third eye experiences of our daughter Meenakshy ... who was just 6 year old at that time ... inspired us to reach out more ! Deepa, my wife started teaching meditation in schools regularly.


As we journeyed on the spiritual path, every one who came in contact with us started changing ! Our family members all became vegetarians and many took to meditation seriously.


In the next couple of years, Patriji came down to Kerala several times and we could organize many programmes as well as one-day workshops.


“ freedom from my job ”


My introduction to Patriji gave me tremendous inner strength to move towards freedom from my job. I believed I could do that only when I have another alternate source of income. That belief pushed me to test the Ramtha teachings of “ We Create Our Own Reality ”.


It took me an year to master the understanding that we are the co-creators of this Universe.


I realized that my potential is Unlimited and Unbound. We are limited and bound only by our thought patterns and belief systems. More often than not, we are our own worst enemy !


Breaking away from the limited social consciousness will set any one free. That was one of the greatest learning during that period of hard work with my own belief systems, thought patterns and my mind.


“ faith in my own self ”


There were times when Patriji’s philosophy would test me. It tested me for my faith in the Higher Masters and the grand plan of which we are all partners. Above all, it was a testing time for my faith in my own self ! For, I understood like day and night, that no one would trust me with anything when I do not trust my own self.


I learned, SELF LOVE is of paramount importance to spiritual progress. Understanding dawned on many of the sayings of Patriji and many great masters.


“ laws of universe ”


I started seeing Universe in a totally different light. I saw Universe as all powerful and compassionate. It overflows with love, compassion and understanding. I knew that Universe genuinely wants me to grow. And growth would come only when I flow with the LAWS OF UNIVERSE , which are as much in place as the Law of Gravity.


I understood that only when we give unconditionally, only when we Love unconditionally that Universe reciprocate in kind. And that kindness knows no bounds ! Yes ! There are no boundaries to how much Universe can give.


“ as we think so we become ”


The Law of Abundance that Patriji talks about so eloquently was absolutely revealed to me. There is enough on this earth for every one to lead a life of plenty. It is only our own limiting beliefs that bring in ‘ the lack ’ in our lives. As we think so we become ! I started listening to people talk ... and understood why they have the life that they have !!!


“ mission in gujarat ”


In the mean time, I got transferred to Ahmedabad and intuitively I knew that I was on a mission.


I found Gujaratis very receptive to meditation and spiritual science. spreading meditation is one of the easiest things in this great State. We could find many masters who were ready to take charge and spread meditation. I also started sending e-mails on spiritual truths on a weekly basis.

As I started aligning with the Universe, I realized that it is not necessary to have an alternate income in place for me to leave the job. If your trust in Universe is total and complete, then Universe will take care of you.


“ a full-time father ! ”


Meenakshy’s 9th birthday was on 2nd January 2007 and I wanted to give her a birthday gift that would be with her all the time. A fulltime father !


So, on that day, I took my family to my office in Ahmedabad and tendered my resignation from the service of NABARD ... after over 14 years. On 30th April 2007, I was relieved of my duties and I was FREE !


It was a glorious moment ! It was a dream come true ! I was in total surrender to Universe ! I am a beautiful butterfly now flying and flowing with the Nature and the Universe.


“ universe is our mother ”


As I moved out of the office premises on that fateful day, there were no fears in me about my future. I was stepping out into the Universe with no regular source of income. It was a leap of faith. The future looked bright, for, I knew Universe is our mother and mother always loves her children.


As days unfolded, I started getting directed by Universe. Messages would come, in the form of intuitions, events or words of people. Trusting and following those directions took me to where I am today.


During middle of May 2007, we organized programmes for Patriji in Trivandrum. The response was phenomenal. Spirituality and meditation taking over Kerala ! We were elated.


“ patriji in sabarmati ashram ”


And in the first half of June 2007, Patriji was invited to Ahmedabad. We had three days of fun-filled meditation sessions with Patriji at the helm, playing the Flute ! To top it all, the Gujarat programmes started at the ‘ Prarthana Bhoomi ’ ... Gandhiji’s Sabarmati Ashram !


Today, we are in the process of registering the Ahmedabad Pyramid Spiritual Society, Gujarat.


“ channelling higher entities ”


I also had the good fortune of meeting another great master Dr. K. Newton whose knowledge in the field of past-life understanding is exceptional.


During one of his workshops that I attended at Hyderabad, I met and worked with a bunch of spiritually enlightened, fun loving Light Beings. Many of them channeled higher entities and it was exhilarating to listen to higher entities from other dimensions ... a prelude to things to come, as humans and mother earth slide into higher dimensions.


“ teach and spread meditation ”


At this point of my journey back to the formless, I teach and spread meditation, conduct workshops for corporate offices and to those who are seeking higher knowledge.


Reaching out to as many and as much as possible with the message of the Universe and mother earth. This is how, as CO-CREATORS, we intend to give back to the Universe … until further directions … from the UNIVERSE !



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