" I am a Third Eye Spiritual Master ! "


“ I am not this. I am THAT.  "


I am not a limited being as I presume, act, and think. I have the potential to attain unlimited consciousness, unlimited energy and unlimited wisdom.


“ I am more than a 3-D object. I am dimensionless. ”


My Guruji Patriji and other senior masters have hammered the above thoughts into me ! Patriji’s oft-repeated message of wisdom is ‘ Tat tvam asi, Oh Svethakethu ’ !


However, I know that I cannot buy this desired state from a guru. I have to uplift myself and personally experience it. And, now, after many years of meditation, I can certainly say with great certainty that I have experienced it !


I am the one consciousness that illumines all experiences during the waking, dream and deep-sleep states. I am now living in this transformed state !


I was introduced to ‘ anapanasati meditation ’ and this is the only meditation I was ever introduced to ! This happened during the month of February, year 2000 ... and, since then, I am continuing to spread this technique in a very big way !


Through my intuitional experiences and readings of me by my Guruji, I am convinced that I am treading the divine path. Through meditation, I have re-oriented my life to move back on the highway of ‘ dharma ’. Every one of us has to move away from the by-paths governed by the senses and finally begin to move along the highway governed by the soul ... to attain self-realization.


I was born on 10th April 1943, and lived my pre-married life in Mysore. Ours was a traditional joint family. I was by nature an introvert and shy person. I was tutored to learn by rote many shlokas and mantras ... and was told that this is the true method to be with God and receive his grace !


I graduated in B.A Psychology. My house has a good personal library. I inherited the reading habit and have read books by Tagore, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Shivaram Karanth, K V Puttappa ( Kuvempu ).Their thoughts and their way of life had greatly influenced me.


I knew that I was seeking something other than the ordinary but was very vague about what that was. “ Ramakrishna Paramahansa attained the state of samadhi ... could everyone attain this state or was he born special ? ”, “ Why are all great saints born Indians ? ... I know only Jesus who is other than an Indian ! ”


Such questions lingered in my mind for quite sometime then. Of course, all these questions stand answered now ! I have realized that spiritual masters are born everywhere in the world and have strived to sucessfully evolve themselves.

My marriage was celebrated on 4th September 1968. I moved to Pune from Mysore. My father-in-law expired prior to my marriage. My mother-in-law stayed with us. I am a simple housewife.


In Pune, I used to visit temples with friends and attend bhajans. But, somehow, I was not satisfied within. I knew I was searching for something afresh but I just could not perceive what that was. I did not probe further into this question. My residential atmosphere was not also favourable and I was mentally agitated and depressed. I seemed to be heading to a dead end. My interest in mantras and shlokas was dwindling.


My husband got transferred to Bangalore in 1991. On my husband’s retirement in October 1996, we moved over to a permanent settlement in Mysore in February 1997. My mother-in-law who was disabled with a fracture of the leg due to osteoporosis was with us. She was running 96 years. My daughter, Radhika, completed her ICWA, was married and settled in Chennai. My son, Ranganathan, did his B.E., and worked in a software company in Bangalore. So we were only three ... my mother-in-law, my husband and I. This gave us a great opportunity to look after and serve her to her ripe age but at the same time restricted my movements.


My mother-in-law was bed- ridden. Days passed, years passed. Was I to live the rest of my life in this pattern ? What was the purpose of my life ? These were unanswered questions.


Then a miracle happened ! Once when returning home from shopping, unexpectedly we glanced at a hoarding which advertised free meditation classes by “ Mysore Pyramid Spiritual Society ”. We attended the classes on the next working day. My mother-in-law was co-operative and encouraged us to attend the classes regularly ... we used to lock her in the house for two hours during class days.


As I followed the meditational commands, I felt very calm, refreshed and energized. I had tasted meditation ! It was very pleasant and very, very easy. Now, as I reflect on my earlier days, I can conclusively say that this first day of ‘ anapanasti meditation ’ was the great turning point in my husband’s and my life ! It was the start of our grand pilgrimage within !


As instructed, I jotted down all my experiences as best as I could. Here I wish to specifically mention a few rare and special experiences :


third eye opening : It was 13th September 2000, poornima day. My third eye opened ! It was a wonderful experience ! A bright golden ball flashed between my eyebrows and a lightning like light crept upwards within me from the toes. My senior masters confirmed that my third eye had opened.


award for patriji : It was 20th October 2000. I had never met Patriji. I had only seen his face on the cover of the ‘ Dhyana Venu ’ cassette. I desired to see this great man. In meditation, I saw Patriji being presented an award in recognition of his valuable contribution for the upliftment of humanity. The function was held on the beach. On the beach was a tall Ashoka Pillar. Patriji stood on the pillar accepting the award to the spontaneous cheers of the crowd which shouted “ Patriji is great, Patriji is great ” … now compare this experience with what actually took place on 16-17 November 2006. Patriji was felicitated with the “ Life-time Achievement Award ” at Wardha in Maharastra !


I felt Patriji was the right person to read my experiences, and tell me where I stood in my spiritual evolution. This thought came true on 14th November 2000. I met him in P.N. Chandrashekhar’s house. I had my experiences already in typed form. He went through them as I narrated my experiences. He talked with me for sometime, appreciated my sincerity and with a warm hand shake, autographed on the book ‘‘ You Forever ” after writing the words “ Great third eye master ”. I was so carried away with my maiden meeting with Patriji and was definite that his guidance and encouragement would be a guiding light in my evolution !


I devoted more hours for meditation with the right co-operation from my husband and my mother-in-law. My husband devoted more time to his mother and enabled me to do my meditation with a calm mind. I have had many notable experiences since then.


Patriji travelling with me : I was travelling alone by train from Chennai to Bangalore by night. The behaviour of the passenger on the upper berth was strange and caused a fear and tension in me. I started meditating and appealed to Patriji to give me strength and guide me to face this situation with courage. When a meditator is sincere, the masters are ever ready to help and guide ! To my surprise, Patriji stood in front of me, walked in my direction and sat beside me. My fear and tension vanished. He said, “ I am with you, why should you be afraid ? ” We then conversed, laughed and smiled. I opened my eyes in Bangalore when the train stopped with a jerk. I saw my husband on the platform. Patriji was astrally, in my company throughout my night journey !


Lord Krishna within and outside my body : A two day Maha Yagna was held on 17-18 March 2001, at Mysore. As we sat for meditation, Patriji played his flute. I went into a trance immediately. I saw many visions. And then followed a beautiful scene... I saw the small sized Balakrishna majestically dressed and standing in front of me and playing the flute ! He was not outside my body but deep within me at my core ! Confused as I was, he looked at me and said, “ I am always here within you. Only you have not at all seen me ”. Then, in my meditation, I saw Lord Krishna on the dais in front of a tree surrounded by cows and playing the flute. The lilting sound from Patriji’s flute was hitting my ears but Patriji was not on the dais. Later, when I opened my eyes, I saw Patriji sitting in the place where I saw Lord Krishna ! Had Patriji appeared in front of me as Lord Krishna ? The vision gave me immense happiness ! This event was another turning point in my life. I started seeing Lord Krishna quite often during meditation.


opening of ‘ sahasrara ’ : I have experienced the opening of the ‘ sahasrara ’ ... or the thousand-petalled Lotus ... over my head in several sittings ; over fifteen times in different angles.


cosmic consciousness : I have also experienced myself becoming Shiva ( my overself ), Vivekananda, Patriji and other Sages. I also know some of my past lives. I have seen a few past lives of Patriji too !


Meditation, more meditation, more and more meditation ... is Patriji’s only message ! The message also implies that each one of us should do meditation, teach meditation and spread meditation. Observance of breath became my nature and spreading meditation became my prime activity. I adopted many a pronged approach.


teaching meditation at home : Group meditation is held at home every day. These sessions include the sharing of experiences. With the regular inflow of genuine meditators, a heavy energy vibration has been created in the house which assists in the meditators’ evolution as also curing of many acute and chronic diseases. A meditator normally completes one mandala of forty one days at this centre and then continues to do meditation in his / her own house.


talking about spirituality : The next activity is to talk about spirituality with everyone we happen to meet ! The other meditators also follow this practice and hence there is a constant intake of fresh members into the centre.


educating people on pyramid energy : Meditators are witness to the use of pyramids in our house. We energize water and fruits daily for consumption. Home made pyramids are hung in two rooms for use by all meditators. Pyramids are placed over the house UPS and its battery, for more efficiency and enhanced life. Pyramids are also hung in the small garden on the outside of the house to nourish the plants with cosmic energy for better growth. This contagious good habit has been picked up by others who carry out innovative pyramid experiments. In a friend’s house, home made pyramids are placed below the bunk-beds in the children’s room.


teaching meditators how to make home made pyramids : This lesson is undertaken by my husband Natraj. These instructions are imparted only after a meditator can be termed a ‘ master ’ by completing a forty one day mandala. Over two hundred houses are having the hanging 91 pyramids placed in their houses for meditation.


writing articles for local newspapers : Articles on pyramid energy, use of pyramids and benefits of meditation ... were published in “ Prajanudi ( Mysore eveninger ) ”, “ Manjuvani ”, and “ Udayavani ”.


organizing monthly meditation workshops : Regular meditation workshops in different houses on every poornima day and shivaratri days, sometimes on amavasya days too, are organized. This helps the spread of spirituality and meditation in different localities. These workshops were initiated by the Mysore JP Nagar branch run by Dr.Usha Rani and continuing for three years now without a break.


teaching meditation in schools and organizations : It is a very good approach to teach meditation to children from the young age so that they go through life with a firm footing on the path of dharma.


opening classes at various houses : When fresh meditators, in due course, become confident of teaching meditation, the masters organize classes in their houses. Anapanasti meditation is thus spreading at a very rapid pace !


motivating people to read : Another activity is motivating people to read spirituality oriented books and articles by new age spiritual masters like Patriji, Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra, Don-Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle, James Redfield, Peter Richelieu, and W.Dyer. I am also gradually building up my personal library to aid the meditators.


playing VCDs etc. : Another important activity is showing VCDs, playing CDs on meditation, chakras and pilgrimage centers.


Under Patriji’s suggestion and instructions. I have collated all my experiences till the year 2002 and brought them out in the book “ Obba Pyramid Mastera Atma Kathe ( Autobiography of a Pyramid Master ) ” in Kannada with the able guidance of P N Chandrashekar, Dr Usha Rani And my husband Natraj. This was published to educate, interest and motivate everyone into spirituality and meditation.


I started practicing meditation at the late age of 57 years and have released this book within two years on opening of the ‘ sahasrara ’. This book has been well received !


Before practicing meditation, I was a shy religious person moving within a very small group. Now, I am a third eye spiritual master, moving dynamically in a very very large spiritual society !


Major contributors in precipitating my spiritual evolution have been my husband Natraj and my mother-in-law ... who have been co-operative beyond words for me to devote maximum time to meditation, attend all functions of our society held at Mysore and run classes in my house !


Mrs. Lakshmi Natraj
B3/19, SBM Colony, Srirampura 2nd Stage, Mysore - 570023
Ph : 0821-2362924

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