" My Brother .. is My Guru "


I am Sudha. I am Dr. Sudha Koduri. This is the story of my spiritual transformation since my childhood.


I was born in the year 1945, in Shakkar Nagar, a sugar factory colony, near Bodhan, in Nizamabad District, in Andhra Pradesh.


My father, P.V. RAMANA RAO, vacated his body in 1993, and my mother, SAVITRI DEVI, vacated her body recently on 21st December 2006.


I have one elder sister USHA DEVI ( eight years older to me ) , one elder brother DR. VENU VINOD ( four years older to me ) , SUBHASH ( two years younger to me ). Subhash was also born in Shakkar Nagar. He is now our ‘ Brahmarshi Patriji ’.


We had another brother who was the youngest. His name was ARAVIND. He left his body in the year 1964, due to leukemia.


I live in USA along with my family members ... my husband RAMAKRISHNA KODURI, my mother in-law SYAMALA. I am a Psychiatrist in USA. However, I am not practicing psychiatry since 2003.


I have two children. My daughter and son-inlaw are medical doctors with specializations. My son is an engineer with MBA. My daughter in-law is an engineer, stuyding MBA ... all of them settled in USA. My husband retired as supervizing civil engineer, from Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, in the year 2002.


My father was a chemist in Nizam Sugar Factory. He was an artist. He used to paint, write poetry and articles on sugar technology before he started having severe health problems. He always loved education and encouraged all the children to work hard towards good education in life.


My mother was an ardent lover of music. She used to sing bhajans so well ! She was a very capable lady with extreme degree of patience. She never wasted a single moment unnecessarily. She gave us lot of discipline.


Subhash learnt Tabla initially and later learnt classical music and flute. My elder brother also learnt the same. My sister is a great painter.


My elder brother Venu Vinod as well as my husband Ramakrishna ... both did M.Tech ( machine tools ) . Later Venu Vinod did Ph.D in production engineering from Manchester. My husband did M.S in environmental engineering from USA. Subhash who did B.Sc. initially, later appeared for I.A.S. exams. Later he did B.Sc.( Ag. ) and then M.Sc.( Ag ).


In Shakkar Nagar, we had a very good community life. My father-in law was a colleague of my father in Nizam Sugar Factory.


In Shakkar Nagar, Muslims and Hindus and all lived like a big family. I think this community life in childhood helped Subhash to develop into a great spiritual master ‘ Patriji ’.


My childhood in Shakkar Nagar was in general a happy one in spite of problems at home due to our father’s health problems. However, I used to be shy and sensitive. I used to have difficulty in dealing with any negative comments about myself or my family. Whenever anything bothered my mind I was withdrawing from the situation and involved myself in studies or some other activity. I also had difficulty expressing my feelings to others. Sometimes, when other children were making fun of me, I used to feel anger. But always studies helped me to discharge my negative energy.


I went to primary and middle school in Shakkar Nagar which was close to our home. Subhash also went to the same.


When I was eight years old I won some competition for which I got a book on Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa as a prize.


I went to Government High School in Bodhan. Subhash also studied in the same school.


In the year 1960, after I completed my high school, we children, moved to Secunderabad. My mother had to stay back with my father in Shakkar Nagar. Myself, my older brother and two younger brothers ... we all lived together in Secunderabad. We used to manage the cooking, maintenance and studies all by ourselves.


I did B.Sc. in Secunderabad Arts and Science College, during the years 1961- 1963. Subhash also did his B.Sc. from the same college.


In 1964, my youngest brother Aravind’s illness and diagnosis of leukemia disturbed all of us. Aravind vacated his body, same year, at the age of fifteen. That was my first encounter with death. I was like a second mother to him. I started questioning about nature of life.


I did M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from 1964 – 1966 in Osmania University. I continued Ph.D. program at the same place.


In June, 1968 my mother started to worry about my marriage and consulted an astrologer. He said : “ In the year 1968, you will be marrying. You will leave your Ph.D. program and go to a foreign countries. You will first do a job and later in life you will become a medical doctor. You will travel many times between other country and India ”. All this angered me ... “ that I will leave my Ph.D. program ” ... and I simply refused to believe him.


And, I did get married in October, 1968 ! And,I left for USA with my four month old daughter discontinuing my Ph.D. program in 1970 !!


I started slowly understanding that inspite of our higher education, we still don’t understand so many things about life ! Real questions started bothering me : “ What is fate ? ”, “ Is life predetermined ? ”, “ Can we change it ? ”, “ How can astrology predict our future ? ” etc., etc.


Discontinuing Ph.D. was a very painful thing for me ... and making major decisions in life was so hard for me in those days !


The first four years in USA I stayed home. During those years it was hard to get any job in general. I had my son in 1973. It used to bother me that I am not doing much in continuing my studies.


Later, we came to India in 1974 for a visit ... that is when I attended Subhash’s wedding to Swarnamala. We left our children with our in laws and went back to USA.


I got a job immediately. I worked in a Micro Biology Lab in North Western University in Chicago, and within months, I changed to Research and Development Lab in waste water treatment.


Separation from my children was very painful to me. I was beginning to wonder whether I did my duty towards my children in the correct way. We made arrangements to bring back children, and soon our children were back in Chicago.


Even though I was in a fairly good job, the fact that my original plan of pursuing Ph.D. program never occurred, still bothered me.


With the help of a close friend in Bangalore, Dr. Meera D. Meundi, I made arrangements to enter ‘ medical college ’ in Bangalore ! Although my children were with me, I was separated from my husband for six years ! And that added to more stress !


In order to decrease my stress I was reading ‘ Hanuman Chalisa ’ several times everyday. One night in 1982, I had a dream : I saw my own flat in the dream and somebody tapped on the door. When I opened the door I saw Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman who looked alive but dressed just as in temples.


I asked Hanuman, “ How come you are here ? ”


Hanuman said, “ We all have been around the city and we want to rest in your home ”.


I told Hanuman that there is not enough space. Then Hanuman said it doesn’t matter, they want to rest in my home. And all of them made place for themselves in between the children who were sleeping. I woke up next day morning and started looking for all of them. Then I realized that I had a wonderful dream and I was extremely happy !


In 1983, I visited Puttaparthy. I liked the atmosphere and Baba’s message about equality of all religions and universal love. I had darshan of Sri Satya Sai Baba and felt very happy.


My father-in-law vacated his body in 1985 in Bangalore. This was my second experience with death. I started to think about nature of life and nature of death.


Meanwhile, my mother began to worry about Subhash because he was reading books on death ! He also was distributing spiritual books to others frequently ! He appeared not to be worrying about his wife and children !


Within a month and half after my father-inlaw vacated his body, I got news that my mother was hospitalized in Hyderabad due to a heart attack. I went to Hyderabad immediately.


That was when I had a chance to be close to Subhash and observe him. He was spending lot of time in the hospital with my mother ... but always had a spiritual book in his hands !


He never talked about family matters ! Therefore, I had no other alternative than to bond with him somehow ! So, I started asking him questions in spirituality. To my surprise, whatever he taught during those eventful fifteen days totally changed the course of my life !


He taught me about Law of Karma and Reincarnation which go together. Problems in life can be solved with meditation and meditation alone !


Progress in meditation depends upon how much practice we have done in previous lives as well as how much we intended to do in this life !


I saw a great person in my own brother for the first time ! And, it surprised me as well as overjoyed me ! Returning to Bangalore, I started to feel some relief from my stress. Now I know an exact way to deal with my stress !


I started to do ‘ Anapanasati Meditation ’ since then regularly. Along with the meditation I also started to read many spiritual books given by my brother. He became my guru ! I read books by Lobsang Rampa, Linda Goodman, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross etc.


I liked especially a book called “ Death and Dying ” by Dr. Ross which helped me to clear some of my doubts about death. I learnt that only the physical body is left behind, as an empty shell, at the time of death ... and the soul is back on its journey to its own soul-worlds ! It gave me great solace as well as insight into the nature of ‘ death ’ !


I returned with my children to USA after completing MBBS in 1986. I needed to choose a specialization after the basic medical degree. My mind was going towards psychiatry. I can use my new found meditation in psychiatry !


One day in 1986, at about 4 o’ clock in the morning, I heard a voice which said “ You will become a psychiartist ” ! It was neither a male nor a female voice.


From then on, I started observing my own life for the prophecy to come true. Many things happened before it became true and I graduated from the residency program in psychiatry from University of Illinois !


I went to multiple nursing homes to treat patients. I gave treatment to individuals and to groups. I was doing lot of spiritual therapy ... including teaching meditation during stress management ....


I must mention about the great book “ Many Lives Many Masters ” by Dr. Brian Weiss, which is the true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient and the past-life therapy through hypnosis that changed both of their lives.


I read three volumes of “ Bhagavat Gita ” by Paramahamsa Pragnananda. I read books on teachings of Buddha. I read “ Seth Speaks ” by Jane Roberts.


I had a vision during meditation in 1993, when I saw blue search lights directed from ground into the sky. I felt my search into the infinity was going on.


A few weeks later I had another vision in meditation ... I saw a slide over which water was flowing. I was going backwards from below to up on the slide.


I did lot of self search during those days. I felt that by my own self-analysis of my past was cleansing me like water, taking me to new spiritual heights.


A few months later I had another vision. I was half way up in the sky sitting in a flying saucer. I was looking downwards wanting to come down, but I was unable to come down.


In 1994, I started to feel energy movements in my body. In 1995, I started to feel a serpent was moving in my spine.


I was curious to know about other spiritual practices also. I went along with my mother-inlaw to learn Authentic Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramahamsa Hariharananda. At the time of initiation I had an out of body experience.


I felt I was in my astral body ... I was smaller than an ant high above in the space. Initially I saw the sky. Soon breaks started to develop in the sky and light started coming from behind. Then the sky moulded into a huge brain without the upper part of the skull !


I was able to see the brain inside the head ! It was such a beautiful and perfect brain. Then I saw light coming out of the sahasrara area and then it formed a circle above in the sky.


I read many books written by Paramahamsa Hariharananda and his successor Paramahamsa Pragnananda. I attempted to practice Kriya Yoga, however, I was continuing to practice ‘ Anapanasati ’.


I went to the Dhyana Yagnam in Kurnool in 1999. Soon after the Dhyana Yagna in early January of 2000, I introduced M. Nirmala ... now senior pyramid master and her daughter Pranitha ... 11 years old then, to anapanasati meditation.


I found a very great master in Pranitha ! Her third eye got activated the very first time she sat for meditation !


Pranitha gave several messages about my past lives over the years since then. I also came to know about some of my past lives through my dreams and other means.


Knowing our past lives gives missing links to our current problems. We can know our past lives when we are very relaxed eg : meditation, dreams, during hypnosis into past lives, ‘ de ja vu ’ feeling famliarity experiences, during channeling by spiritual mediums, etc.


In summers of 2000 and 2001, I attended the programs when Mata Amrithanandamayi came to Chicago. I felt vibrations on my head when she hugged me.


I had a dream in 2001, I saw clear sky full of dazzling stars looking like jems in different sizes and colours. I was very close to sky holding on to something not visible. I felt extremely free and happy.


I called Patriji next day to understand my dream. He said that stars represent spiritual truths.


I have a close friend ... Dr. Suniti Sharma from Delhi, who was my class mate in MBBS, in Bangalore. She is also practicing anapanasati as well as teaching the same to others.


All the negative features in myself ... which were bothering me no end miserable ...... making me so since my childhood ... started to clear up ... slowly but surely ... over the years ... with my sincere meditation ... and with the help of sound spiritual advise from Patriji !


I began to worry less about things in general, and became more self confident in dealing with all situations in my life.


Whenever I visited India I attended various activities of Pyramid Spiritual Societies. I started to give lectures in spirituality and meditaiton ... which helped me to further improve my self image ! I visited many Pyramids in India.


I started my real spiritual journey with Patriji in the year 1985. I have never looked backwards since then ! I am fully involved in the Movement of Pyramid Spiritual Societies, as a full-fledged pyramid master, now !


Anapanasati is an extremely easy and simple method ! It is very convenient, can be done at any time of the day, any where, even while travelling in a car, train or a plane !


There is no secrecy in this method ! Meditators are encouraged to discuss their meditational experiences freely in front of others !


There is no money involved in learning meditation. It is taught freely ! There is no special initiation process ! We can go into meditation three times faster in a pyramid.


Many meditation centres are built in the form of a pyramid in different sizes all over Andhra Pradesh and other States of India. The biggest one is in Bangalore !


I like to see Pyramid Meditation Centres built all over the world !


Due to meditation induced self healing, we can heal all our health problems ! Meditation improves our concentration, memory power, self confidence and thought power !


May the whole world become one in meditation ! May all the people of the world live happily forever and forever!



Dr. Sudha Koduri
8 S 341. Whittington Court, Napervalle - Illinoise, USA - 60540

Ph : 6304169475 / 3123998219

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