" Meditation and Bhakti are two opposing streams "



I am Siva Jawaji residing in Melbourne, Australia.


In the year 2003, I visited my sister’s house in Bhimavaram, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. My brother-in-law ... Naga Babu Appanna ... gave me an audio cassette “ Yoga Parampara ” ... by Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji. He told me just to ignore a sentence that says “ there is no bhakti yoga ” and listen to the rest ... to know the stage of one’s current incarnation ( I am a strong believer of Bhakti Yoga having inherited the concept from my mother ).


I carried that audio cassete with me to Melbourne. It took atleast a couple of months before I first listened to it. I liked it so much and kept on listening to it repeatedly !


I must have listened about forty to fifty times, in the next one and half years, the same cassette ! Meanwhile, I was also searching for more audios by Brahmarshi Patriji.


In the year 2005, on a mother’s day, five of us ( friends ) decided to give a surprise party to our wives and booked a cruise. While in the cruise, a couple of my friends were discussing about Spirituality. I over-heard a word ‘ Subhash Patri ’ from the mouth of Nath Danturty.


Immediately, I interrupted their discussion and checked whether he meant “ Brahmarshi Subhash Patri ” from “ Pyramid Spiritual Societies ”. He said “ Yes ”. He further told me that he was a follower of him and that he has a good collection of audios and books by him.


I told about my “ Yoga Parampara ” and requested him for a few audios. He is a contractor and a busy man, so I waited for a couple of weeks to hear from him ... but with no luck. Then, one day, I rushed to his place and collected four audios “ Dhyana Vemana ”, “ Jesus Christ ”, “ Jnana Navaratnalu ”, “ Ledu Maranam ”.


I spent the next six months repeatedly listening to these audios and occasionally going back to my favourite “ Yoga Parampara ”.


I don’t know ... but I just can’t stop listening to these ! The knowledge in these audios is absolutely astounding !


Nath and myself travel in the same train and we occasionally come across each other in the evenings. Slowly, we started sharing the knowledge we gained from the material. He told me about his intention ... inviting Subhash Patriji to Australia and he informed me that he is already in touch with a couple of his friends who are also similarly interested. I gave my full support to the project and occasionally checked with him about the progress of the idea.


In one of the audios, Patriji mentioned about ‘ hanuman chalisa ’ and the meaning of it. I decided to undertake a forty day meditation deeksha. I almost succeeded in doing it ... except that I missed out on a couple of days in the middle. Before this, I couldn’t even do meditation for five minutes ! I really surprised myself ... to be able to do meditation upto an hour at a single stretch !


End of the year 2005, I enrolled to study “ Masters in Project Management ” in RMIT commencing from Feb 2006. A few weeks before the start of the classes, I re-visited Nath’s house and he offered a few more books as well as a few more audios. The first book I read was “ Maranam Leni Meeru ”. It is a gem of a book. I then read “ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull ”, “ Atmaayanam ”, “ Four Agreements ”, “ Third Eye ” etc.


Exactly at this time, my classes in RMIT also got started. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies as I didn’t feel like studying those books. I really struggled to balance my life ... with work, family with two young kids, studies with assignments and then reading these spiritual books.


If I have to give an order of preference, studying these spiritual books comes first ! I sometimes felt I should not have enrolled to study. I even contemplated discontinuing the studies. However, after a couple of months I managed to regain my balance.


During all these times, I did not stop doing Pooja. Shortly, I came across the “ www.pss.org ” website. Therein, I read a quotation by Patriji saying ‘ meditation ’ and ‘ bhakti ’ are two opposing streams; one can’t do both, one has to leave one to enter the other !


Exactly at this time, my wife and kids were leaving to India to attend a family marriage. I finally decided to stop pooja and spend more time for meditation.


While my family was away in India, I spent most of my evenings studying spiritual books and spent most of the nights doing meditation. Mr. Nath introduced me to a person by named Rao Parmarthy. He gave me “ Spiritual Reality ” video and a book “ Ramtha ”. The video inspired me so much that I plunged into even more intense meditation. “ Ramtha ” is another jewel of a book ! It changed my definition of God and human being.


Jhansi Madam gave us the good news that Patriji accepted our invitation to visit Melbourne between 5th and 25th of September 2006. We immediately formed “ Melbourne Pyramid Masters Group ” with five members. All the members visited for the first time my place and then I was introduced to Raveendra who stays in the same suburb as me.


Ravi shared his experiences and one of the things that caught my attention was “ twenty seven hours of meditation ” that he tried on his 27th birthday ! As my family was still in India, Raveendra and myself started trying long meditation sessions.


We started with two hours intensive meditation and proceeded to three hours ! I tried four hours with mixed results and sometimes even a whole night !


Middle of June, I too went to India to meet my parents and other family members. I shared all my experiences. They were very much impressed by my knowledge and they also started following the path of meditation.


I spent almost every evening discussing and sharing the knowledge I had gained. The trip, which was supposed to be a family visit ... changed into a spiritual one !


Finally, I got a chance to meet the SOURCE of the abundant knowledge ... Brahmarshi Patriji on 7th of September, at the melbourne Airport ! The most joyful and colorful days of my life in this incarnation started on that day !

We learned a lot in this short duration before he concluded his trip on 24th September with a promise to visit us back in the month of March 2007 !



Siva Jawaji
2/12, Maroona Road, Carnegie, Melbourne, Australia

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