" Life Has Become Most Fruitful ! "



I was born in the year 1946 in the town Anakapalli near Vizag in Andhra Pradesh.


My first name was Venkat Rao and I was renamed as Venkateswara Sarma when I was eight years. I was away from my father and was nurtured by my mother and maternal grand parents during my early childhood.


I grew up in a moderately orthodox - middle class family in village atmosphere. I was very shy, timid and average in studies with no flare for sports or arts. I used to move more closely with grand parents and accompanied them to religious discourses.


My adventurous life started soon after schooling. I used to cycle long distances and enjoy freedom by spending a lot of time in rice and sugarcane fields and fruit gardens along with friends. I had less intimacy with my relatives. Whenever, I had any problem I used to consult everyone and take what suits me best.


My attitude took a dramatic change when I entered Agricultural College, Bapatla, and progressed further at Hyderabad and Bangalore. I secured top ranks in academics and extracurricular activities. I won gold medal in Ph.D. from UAS., Bangalore. I used to enact playlets on stage and also performed small rolls in a couple of documentary films.


Again life took new turns, and I faced new challenges. My rebellious nature took to heights and I revolted against my parents on dowry matters and resigned from my job and moved far away to Anemalai hills ... tea gardens in Tamilnadu. Thereafter, for about fifteen years, I was changing places and jobs. As an executive, representing different multinational companies, I had visited nooks and corners of the country mostly remote villages meeting farmers. In leisure times I used to visit Hindu temples, Churches, Gurudwaras and Masjids and even Buddhist monasteries.


Finally I settled in Hyderabad in the year 2000.


A new phase of my life began soon after I took voluntary retirement in the year 2004. The absolute leisure has created a great challenge. I started exploring alternate ways and means to utilize my abundant time effectively and productively. I could hardly think of any for months which, kept me worried. As a result, the frequency of my visits to doctors got increased.


I was prescribed sedatives which kept me further drowsy and sickly.


It was during that time my wife Vasantha located a meditation center in Padmanabhanagar in Hyderabad where Sri S.P. Nagendra Nath, a senior pyramid master, has been teaching anapanasati meditation.


Since 27th April, 2004, along with my wife, I began sincerely attending the daily meditation classes conducted by Nagendra Nath and also weekly meditation cum enlightenment classes organized by pyramid masters Usha Rani madam and K. Ashok Kumar. I practiced my meditation with all my sincerity and I felt a great relief from both mental agony and also physical weakness in just three months which, I could not have achieved even after years of medication. Surely anapanasati meditation is the most novel path for salvation !


In the initial stages of my practice of anapanasati, I had a few third eye visions such as … beautiful nature, pretty caves, wild elephants, blue and yellow colours, asteroids, a few unclear images of masters. All these were as flashes and in a sea of absolute silence.


I went to USA to visit my daughter Anupama and my son-in-law Abhay Edlabadkar, during January 2004.


August 1st, 2004 the most memorable day in my life … a fine Sunday morning along with my son-in-law, I saw Brahmarshi Patriji at Siddhachalam, near New Jersey, USA, in a Jain temple where he was giving a meditation class to the Indian Jain community. Before the class I met Patri Sir while he was entering the Jain mandir. I introduced my-self saying that “ I came as a visitor from Hyderabad, India ”. He put his arm around my shoulder and while walking with me, told “ What a surprise ! Although we are from the same place Hyderabad, we had to meet far away on the other side of the globe ! ” For the first time, during the hour long meditation session, I enjoyed the magnificent melody of flute played by Patri Sir in meditation, along with a hundred and odd white robed jains !


I returned to Hyderabad from USA, in the month of January 2005. Immediately I started regularly visiting the pyramid meditation centre at Spiritual India Office, Vijayanagar Colony. I involved myself in preparation of the January-February issue of ‘ Spiritual India ’ magazine. It was during this period that Patri Sir assigned to me the magazine work on a regular basis ! I do not know how many life-times I had to wait for this unique and golden opportunity !


I travelled along with Patri Sir to Kurnool, Yemmiganur, Uravakonda, Adoni, Dharmavaram and Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh, where, I had the rarest opportunity of meditating in each of the pyramids and also to speak on the stage, in all these locations, along with Patri Sir !


We returned from the tour and we were approaching my residence in Hyderabad. I had a thought to invite to my house but I refrained ... I felt it would not be fair on my part to trouble Patri Sir. I kept mum and decided to get dropped at Spiritual India office. To my great surprise, Patri Sir said “ Would you like to take me to your house ? ” I could not believe my ears and I had a happy time in my house !


Subsequently, I visited Patri Sir’s residence and met Madam Swarnamala Patri and Patri Sir mother. I took blessings from mother and had the hospitality of madam with a delicious lunch.


There, I expressed a doubt to Patri Sir ... “ Why did I not get any experience in any of the pyramids where I had meditated for two nights ? ” Patri Sir replied ... “ While you are gaining energy … how can you have experiences ? ”


Now, I have full confidence in myself and I stopped all medication, which I had been taking for the previous fifteen years. It is the greatest benefit of meditation personally to me ! What a great relief to my body-mind and purse !


Thanks to anapanasati meditation and Brahmarshi Patriji … life has become again active, tension-free and indeed most fruitful !



Dr. P.V. Sarma
13-6-434 / C / 104, Maruthi Nagar, Mehdipatnam Ring Road

Hyderabad - 500 008

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