" Spiritual Health for all .. By the year .. 2012 "



I am Hari Kumar, a general and cosmetic surgeon by profession, consultant in CARE Hospital Nampally, Hyderabad.


Being born as only child to my parents, I thoroughly enjoyed my child-hood life. I imbibed tender and loving attitude from my mother and hard work from my father.


Despite the freedom given by my parents, I could still feel insecurity and incompetence through out my childhood. However, the great asset of mine had been my academic excellence and I had the habit of sharing whatever I knew. I was considered as a boy of good expression ability.


I developed interest in spending with the nature aloof, when I was doing my plus two in A.P.R.J.C. Nagarjunasagar. I got into M.B.B.S. in Kurnool Medical College in the first attempt. During the 4th year of medicine, I had severe asthma attack ... which helped me to know about drugless therapies and my interest grew in alternative medicine, meditation and soul spiritual science.


In the beginning of my internship, Dr. Yungandhar introduced me to a simple, gracious looking Patriji, who asked me to begin meditation. During my very first meditation attempt itself, I saw a sage giving discourses to his disciples and I felt that the sage was none other than myself and I saw Shirdi Saibaba with an ever smiling face ... throughout the session.


Later, I came to know that he is my master and spiritual guide.


Kundalini experiences, third-eye visions continued for another week and I came to know my purpose of life within twenty days of my anapanasati sadhana.


Shirdi Sai revealed my purpose of life as becoming complete doctor. i.e. I should impart knowledge about Energy Science to one and all ... especially to my patients.


He also said that doctors should make their patients as self-healers so that they can heal themselves. I got rid off my asthma within two weeks completely !


Surprisingly, Brahmarshi Patriji also said the same thing on the next day of my getting the message from Saibaba. Subsequently, I became clear about of my purpose ... becoming a holistic physician i.e., a doctor who takes into consideration the physical ... mental ... intellectual and spiritual aspects of the patients.


From then onwards I started sharing my knowledge with my colleagues, nurses and other para-medical personnel and I taught anapanasati to all my patients in the Neurosurgical, Medical and other wards. Wounds and pains healed quickly, and the patients developed wholesome self-confidence and self respect.


The days flew with regular meetings with perfected Pyramid Masters like Mr. Paul Vijay Kumar, Mr. Anjaneya Sharma, Patri Madam, etc., who all guided me enormously and shared their wisdom with me. One day, Mr. Anjaneya Sharma adivised me to do intensive meditation at Nandavaram ... samadhi of Sadananda Yogi, who was the master of Patriji. That was the turning point of my spiritual journey ! The consciousness of Sadananda Swamy stayed for a few days with me ... during which time my intuitive and healing abilities increased tremendously and my physical appearance, gestures, voice and everything changed after that.


The group meditations, channeling, Sajjanasangatya and extensive book reading helped me to expand my consciousness further and further. Frequent discussions and concepts of Patriji strengthened my life-purpose of spiritualizing the medical fraternity by year 2012 !


In 1996, ‘ Rajini ’ came into my life. Patri Sir always says samsara is nirvana.That is absolutely true ! Marriage after enlightenment gives us lot of thrill and joy ... marriage widens our consciousness. Later, ‘ Vaishnavi ’ and ‘Sohan ’ chose to be our children ... and they are giving us so many experiences that are really helping us to be with our own respective ‘ inner child ’.


Meditation improved my concentration and memory abilities. I got my M.S., in general surgery with least effort and stood as best outgoing student !


I started my surgical carrier at Rolla village, Anathapur district ... where I converted several Janma-bhoomi programmes into dhyanabhoomi in the year 2001. Fever, pains, common cold and other chronic diseases got most significantly healed by anapanasati meditation.


With all my experiments and my knowledge, I presented a paper on “ spiritual revolution in the villages through meditation ” in the National Conference held at VYASA, Bangalore.


During the years from 2002 to 2005, I worked as Assistant Professor of surgery at kurnool medical college. I conducted various work-shops on “ Health and Spiritual Science ” in almost all the Government and Non Government organizations including jails, police department, colleges, banks etc.


I got Best Doctor Awards ... consecutively for three years 2003 to 2005 ... for popularizing meditation and imparting holistic health.


I founded “ The Kurnool Pyramid Doctors Organization ” during the month of February 2003 ... under the guidance of Brahmarshi Patriji with the idea of imparting meditation and spiritual science to all health seekers.


Change is the natural law of life. I stood state second in M.Ch. plastic surgery and I shifted to state capital ... Hyderabad ... in the year 2005 ... with an intent to expand the scope of my spiritual activities.


Launching of ... ‘ PIMHS ’ ... pyramid institute of meditation and health sciences Hyderabad ...... in was the logical next step in the kurnool pyramid doctors organization agenda !


" Spiritual health is the root, physical health is the fruit "


“ Spiritual Health for all ... by the year 2012 ” is the essential message of ‘ PIMHS ’.


During the month of May 2006, I presented a paper on “ spiritual health and blissful life ” at the 9th National Conference on Alternative Healing held at Mumbai and the message of anapanasati meditation spread to nearly 1500 doctors and therapists in that conference !


I designed a holographic model for treating chronic diseases, fears-phobias, negative emotions, unfulfilled relations etc., using intensive pyramid meditation therapy, past-life therapy and rebrithing etc.


Chronic psychological disorders like schizophrenia, recurring nightmares, negative mental patterns, suicidal tendencies and also chronic physical problems like migraine, backache, joint problems etc., were healed in these therapy sessions.


With the sincere co-operation from pyramid masters like Madam Nirmala, Sri Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, Dr. Satyanarayana Murthy, N.V.Rami Reddy, Madam K.V.S. Swarajya Lakshmi etc., activities of ‘ PIMHS ’ extended to corporate sectors, and colleges.


I am greatly indebted to Brahmarshi Patriji for moulding me, this cosmetic surgeon into a complete holistic physician !


Dr. V. Hari Kumar, M.S. (M.Ch) plastic surg.
Ph : +91 9440293903

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