" Power of Meditation "



I am Rachana Gupta, a simple house-wife in Ludhiana, Punjab.


I was born in Jalandhar, Punjab, in a royal family. We are four brothers and sisters.


I had everything in life ... still I found something ‘ missing ’. I didn’t enjoy a happy childhood because I didn’t posses good physical and mental health. I remained a disturbed person.


My father deeply believed in astrology and tried gem therapy from time to time on me. However, I was quite good in studies. I came out of my graduation with distinction ! I wanted to pursue my higher studies further, ... but being a girl, I was not allowed to do so!


I got married to Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta of Ludhiana. He is such a gem of a person ! We are happily married and blessed with two sons !


After the birth of my younger son, I started getting asthma attacks. We went to so many doctors ... but the relief was temporary. I had sinus problem also and was using nasal drops. I got fed up with it and sometimes used to go into such depression that I wished to end my life, as it was all so painful.


Then, I turned towards spirituality. I got initiated by Sri Sri Hans Raj Ji Maharaj of ‘ Ram Sharanan ’. I got some peace by chanting ‘ Ram Mantra ’. For the last twelve years, I have been his disciple.


Then I came to know about Reiki. I learnt Reiki from the Jalandhar Reiki Master Mrs. Pooja Jain. I was very excited with it ....


The turning point in my life came when Mrs. Pooja Jain one day phoned me and asked me to attend a meditation class. She said that masters from ‘ Pyramid Spiritual Societies ’, from Hyderabad, were coming to her house and that she has arranged one class for all her Reiki students !


In the beginning, I was reluctant to go but I don’t know something made me change my mind ... I travelled from Ludhiana to Jalandhar, to attend the meditation class.


30th January, 2006 ... the day I will treasure for whole of my life ! I went to Puja’s house in Jalandhar and she introduced me to Mr. Anjaneya Sharma, a great pyramid master ! Mr. Sharma enquired about me. My reply ...“ I am practicing ‘ mantra Japa’ but I am not satisfied. I want something more ! I have read that everything is inside ! When will I go inside ? Which is the right way to go inside ? ”


Sweetly replying, Sharmaji said ...“ Anapanasati meditation is the only right way ! Why are you still sitting in ‘ nursery classes ’ when the doors of Ph.D. are open for you ? ! ”


Madam Satya and Madam Padmaja, senior pyramid spiritual masters from Andhra Pradesh were giving the class. They taught meditation to us. We had a half-an-hour meditation. I felt so very light and energetic as I had never felt before ! It was an entirely new experience for me and I immediately desired that my family members, friends and relatives should also enjoy this wonderful experience !


I asked them if it would be possible for them to visit Ludhiana ... I so desperately wanted to arrange a class, for others to avail the benefit of meditation ! They promised to come !


1st Feb. 2006 ... they did come to my home in Ludhiana ! The meditation class went off so well, everybody liked it !


I had an opportunity to talk in greater depth to Shri Sharmaji. He ... like a master, friend and philosopher ... guided me towards real spirituality and clarified all my doubts. He asked me to do three hours of meditation daily ! It was a bit difficult for me ... but I very seriously wanted to mature in meditation !


From that day on ... my journey into true spirituality began in right earnest ! I started doing three hours meditation daily ! One hour each time ... three times ... a day ! From the very first day I noticed that ... I was breathing very normal ... without the help of nasal drops ! It was a miracle ... my twenty years old addiction vanished in the very first sitting !


I was so excited, the cure that medicines couldn’t give me, meditation gave me ! I thanked God for sending ‘ Pyramid Masters ’ in my life !


I decided to do forty days meditation sincerely. My forty days were to be finished by 10th March. Within forty days, I experienced lots of changes ... my asthma attacks completely vanished. My doctors were absolutely amazed ! Pain in my knees disappeared ! I lost extra weight !


I became a completely different person !


My attitude towards children, family members and my friends completely changed ! From a shy, irritated and sickly person ... I became a very friendly, easy-going, loving and healthy person !


Seeing me, all my family members who were near to me started taking meditation seriously.


Earlier, my favorite past-time was gossiping, watching T.V serials, sleeping etc. ... but they all changed into new spiritual habits ... like reading good spiritual books, doing meditation and teaching meditation.


My inner intution advised me to remove all the gem-stones and the rings I was wearing, as they were ‘ not proper ’ for me now ! I even stopped practicing Reiki ! I stopped chanting mantras !

Now, in my life, only one thing remains meaningful ... that is meditation ! The dictum is ... “ do meditation ... and it takes care of all the things ” !


March 2006 ... the ‘ Pyramid Masters ’ again came to Punjab. This time, I also arranged some classes and joyfully participated in them !


Seeing a tremendous difference in me, my husband and my family members ( ours is a big joint family ) all became very enthusiastic. Everybody started doing meditation and everybody helped enthusiastically in arranging the classes in Ludhiana. It was my first initiative. The classes went off very well ! In those two days, Mr. Sharma used to tell me about his great master Brahmarshi Patriji and how he changed his life. The more he told about Patriji, the more I was becoming eager to meet him !


April, 2006 ... Madam Satya phoned me and told me that she was going to Pune as Patriji will also be there for four days. She asked me to join her. I wanted very badly to meet Patriji. I asked my husband. He immediately gave his consent.


1st May, 2006 ... me and my husband left for Pune ! At Pune airport, we were cordially received by Satya Madam, her husband Mr. Raj Shekhar and Mr. Vijay ... all great pyramid masters. We stayed among many masters and every person had wonderful experiences to share ! We were so amazed that Patriji has created / is creating so many masters !


3rd May ... a day I will remember all my life ! I met Patriji with his white beard, radiant complexion ! He appeared like some great God to me ! I couldn’t take my eyes off him !


He asked me and my husband to tell about ourselves. We related all our experiences and what made us come to Pune to meet him. He asked us to join him in all the classes in Pune, Shirdi and Ahmednagar.


The first class was in Pune Central Jail. Patriji conducted the class so beautifully ! He played the flute, taught meditation to prisoners and asked them to become vegetarian ! He called me onto the dais and asked me to say a few words ! Till night, we attended many classes with Patriji at different places.


Patriji was so energetic, so full of life, and so jovial in nature ! For the next two days, he was in Pune. Then, along with him we went to Shirdi, Ahmednagar and many small villages. In every class we came to learn different things !


7th May ... we said ‘ bye ’ to Patriji and returned to Punjab with an himalayan amount of new spiritual strength, new approach to life and tonnes of wisdom ! Me and my husband immediately embarked upon teaching meditation, as requested by Patriji ! We conducted classes in jails, schools, yoga centres, at homes, traffic police, doctors etc. The more we taught, the more we were spiritually thrilled !


15th June 2006 ... Patriji visited Punjab ! It was the hottest month ... but with his arrival, the cool breeze started blowing ! For a week, Patriji travelled the whole of Punjab. He taught meditation in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala ... and many small villages. Wherever he went, he created a new atmosphere!


In every class, he called me onto the stage and all the respect and importance I got, I can never forget ! He created altogether a new, confident, highly energetic and lively Rachana !


I humbly thank God for sending Patriji into my life. He is like a lamp post, guiding me towards the purpose of my current life-time !



Rachana Gupta
21-B - Moti Nagar, Ludhiana

Ph : +91 9872976005

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