" A Supreme Brahma Jnani "



When I think of my childhood days, I simply wonder !


How could a boy of six years age stare at the stars of the night sky and put questions to his aunt who was the only soul that can read and write in that street, such as : “ How far does this sky extend ? ” “ What does exist beyond the stars and the moon ? ” “ Why can’t we go and see what is happening there ? ” She was honest in replying : “ Oh Appu ! You yourself will know when you grow up and study F.A. or B.A. ”


My father used to recite poems from Bhagavatam and dramas like Kurukshetram authored by Tirupati Venkata Kavulu. But I was not daring enough to put these silly questions to him. He appeared always busy with his work and co-workers of Congress Party taking part in the freedom movement.


In my younger days I used to attend bhajans now and then along with my mother and granny. I used to feel a thrill of the participation in the group and I used to like the music of the bhajans though I did not know what music was


I was in 9th class during the year 1947-48. I used to visit my uncle’s place in the evenings now and then during those days.


One evening, I was walking to his house through the street where a Ramalayam Temple was standing. Strange thoughts crossed my mind : “ Who is this fellow ‘ Apparao ’ ? ” “ Why am I associated with him now ? ” “ What happens if I leave him ? ” For a moment, I felt that I am not with ‘ him’, it is ‘ he ’ that chose me to be with him ! “ Should I remain bonded to him as long as he wants ? ” In fact, it is so difficult to put my the then feelings in words. I experienced it not once or twice but several times !


After I joined service in the Irrigation department of Government of Andhra Pradesh, I came across one Sri Raghavaraju, a senior in the department, and he introduced me to Sri Aurobindo ... to “ Life Divine ” and “ Savitri ”.


Here I have no hesitation in stating that I have not gained any authority over Sri Aurobindo’s Synthesis of Yoga ... even after reading so many of his works and never I got the inkling of meditating, or looking into myself ... which I really achieved ... within a relatively very short time, only after being introduced to Anapanasati Meditation through the literature recommended by the Pyramid Spiritual Society.


In the Pyramid Spiritual Society, I find that even very ordinary folk are able to speak freely on issues like astral travel, third eye opening, experiences of the other worlds, cosmic energy, and their transformation into new thinking patterns beings, through meditation and looking within. What I could not achieve by reading several authors and accumulating voluminous information, these seemingly ordinary people could effectively achieve it within a short span of time !


My ego of ‘ scholarship ’ got shattered, got dissolved ... and I became so much lighter !


My wife had been for suffering from asthma for one and half decades and had osteo-arthritis too.


We live in an apartment in Hyderabad. An young house-wife Shobha ... living in the same apartment complex called on my wife and coaxed her to join dhyana classes being conducted in the house of Smt. Hemalata, two streets away from ours in the nearby colony. She assured my wife that she can heal her asthma in a matter of three months ... if she adopts anapanasati by joining the group meditation classes.


However, I was absolutely skeptical ! I said, it is impossible as we tried all types of systems including Homoeo, Ayurveda, Allopathy etc in these 16 years and only temporary relief was there each time and no cure of the disease whatsoever. Shobha was relentless and said “ Uncle, try this also ! You lose nothing except for the disease ! ”


My wife was enthusiastic. The problem was for me as I had to follow her in the 5 am early morning darkness to reach the cosmic energy center. I agreed to follow her for three days only.


She had difficulty in negotiating the stairs of the building to reach the roof-top where the classes are arranged ... that was on 10th August 2004 ... and I remember that Hemalata Madam introduced the speaker of the day as Smt. Nirmala.


After meditating for about an hour and on hearing the discourse that instilled confidence into the virgin mind of my wife, she said before leaving the venue, that she is feeling the ridding off of the burden of illness and there is no illness at all in the body ! She stopped all medicines from that very day onwards !


It was simply amazing ! How can it be ? Can any rational mind accept this ? Or are we deceived by our own sense apparatus as usual.


I realized that nothing of the sort happened ... we came to know that it is as natural as a blooming of a flower or shining of the moon ... only we were in the dark all these days. Please look at this saying : “ the attempt to deny or stifle a truth because it is yet obscure in its outward workings and too often represented by an obscurantist superstition ... is also a kind of obscurantism. ”


I was in the grip of such obscurantism all these years ... and when the time came for the unfolding of that knowledge, all darkness is dispelled pertaining to that corner.


There is no need to say that I participated in the Mandala Dhyana Yagna on all the forty days! I had the benefit of listening to so many pyramid masters but the special day on which I met Brahmarshi Patriji stands aloof !


That day I discovered, a supreme Brahma Jnani ! He conversed with every one ... cracking jokes, playing with kids and enthusing women and the innocent.


He encourages women because they are nearer to the goal and their hearts and their central beings are filled with love and compassion.


Subsequently, we have attended so many meetings of Patriji !


As the sum total distilled essence of all his teachings, we have learnt not to waste our time in gossip, always to speak to purpose or keep silence !


Brahmarshi Patriji is not a preacher. He teaches by his actions. At times, this divine friend of all creatures conceals his friendliness in the mask of an unexpected aggressor ... till he has made sure that his targetted subjects are dead sincere in their quest towards the highest heavens.


As for benefits of meditation. I can give a long list of ailments I am cured of ... chronic cold, respiratory discomfort, acidity in the stomach, pain in the leg joints, fatigue in walking after a few minutes, amoebiasis and so on. I also experienced mental peace.


However, more important are the inner astral journeys I regularly undertake now, and the bliss of the self I enjoy when I look into my depths !


Patriji has laser like perceptions … thought reading and thought correcting powers.


Gone are the days when the knowledge of supramental was within the reach of a handful of people !


Now, even the man in the street is aspiring to experience the supramental consciousness, thanks to the vision and the magic wand of Brahmarshi Patriji.


The Mother Earth alerted that the residents of this planet must get ready to receive and absorb the consciousness force that has started descending and a new race would emerge out of it.


Brahmarshi Patriji has created a movement, a spiritual movement through which the whole human race will be transformed to receive that supramental consciousness - force with effortless ease.



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