" Guruji "



I am Raghuram, from Tirupati.


“ A single minute changes a person or a nation ! ” ... I read so in an article in the year 1984, while I was preparing for Civil Service Examinations ; I thought it was an exaggerated statement.


However, after exactly a decade, in the year 1994, I realized the meaning and the truth of the statement.


One fine day, in Tirupati, I met a person who exhibited the greatest commitment in life; possessed an ambition to achieve a tremendous target !


He is a tireless person, dedicated to a specific cause.


A voracious reader of spiritual books ! A clear-cut knower of his work and his purpose ! A person of an open mind but absolutely uncompromising on principles ! A person of flexible nature to meet all people, at all times ! A magnificent motivator of all ! And, a person touring the length and breadth of the country without a single rupee in his pocket !


Yes, he is none other than Subhash Patri, the founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India.


When I first met him on May 11th 1994, I first called him as ‘ Guruji ’. Later, I was told by other meditators, that Patriji wants to be called as ‘ Sir ’ and he objected and reprimanded many, when they called him as ‘ Guruji ’ or as ‘ Swami ’. However, to my surprise and to the surprise of many in Tirupati, he was pleased when I called him as ‘ Guruji ’, and even now I call him as ‘ Guruji ’ !


I consider myself as the most fortunate Pyramid Master of all Pyramid Masters ... because I organized the award function, in Tirupati, in the year 1998 when the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement conferred the title of the “ Brahmasri ” to Patriji.


Again, it was me who was incharge of the award function when all the Pyramid Masters conferred the title of “ Brahmarshi ” in the month of February, 2004 at Kadapa.


What a memorable event to meet him and to become a close associate in all his spiritual thoughts and actions! I wonder, at times, how time flew in the association of Shri Guruji during all these thirteen years !


What a spiritual development ! What a spiritual understanding !!


Guruji resigned his mundane job in the year 1992, from Coromandel Fertilizers, where he was working as a Regional Marketing Manager and became a free bird to spread the message of truth, through propagating meditation.


Before Guruji ventured to teach meditation to the world at large, meditation was a term totally misunderstood by all the people.


I too was under the impression that “ chanting of mantras is meditation ”. However, Guruji clarified all the doubts sincerely and seriously, and motivated me and so many persons like me, to understand the true meaning of meditation.


As far as my experience goes, he is the first person to separate religion from spirituality ... hundred percent !


As a result of the continuous contact of all Pyramid Meditators with Guruji, since 1994, so many revolutionary spiritual developments happened in everybody’s life-styles.


The major benefit, from meditation, that we got was becoming a vegetarian ! Secondly, positive thinking and taking things as they happen ... became our first nature.


My association with Guruji brought me both bouquets and brickbats !


After understanding the true values of life, I changed my life-style slowly from materialism to spirituality. Ever since 1994, from year to year, my enlightenment levels increased. Slowly and steadily, my attachment to money, relatives, talking etc., decreased. This attracted great ridicule from my relatives and friends !


At the same time, because of my spirituality, I enjoyed every minute and every day of my life, in total bliss.


All this is solely because of my absolute oneness with Guruji ... and my total dedication to his spiritual teachings and to his spiritual mission.


Most important characteristic of Guruji is his simplicity and mixing with every one irrespective of status. Every person is equal to him ! He wants every person to do meditation !


Not only Patriji is a great spiritual scientist, he is also a great organizer. He is capable of organizing almost anything with great success ! He wanted to have a political party to spiritualize India. He wanted the party to become a platform to spread the Science of Meditation to all the villages of the country.


Accordingly, “ Pyramid Party of India ” got registered, at the Election Commission of India, in 1999 ! I, again, consider myself the most fortunate Pyramid Master as I was instrumental in the whole episode ! We participated in two general elections ... 1999 and 2004 ... and grabbed thousands of votes in many, many constituencies !


Guruji asked me, on 5th June 2000, to organize Kailash Manasa Sarovar Dhyana Yatra. Immediately we, the Tirupati Pyramid Masters, started the initiative. Shri Bhimas Raghu, chief patron of our society, took particular interest and we successfully organized the tour with thirty masters in the year 2001. Subsequently, the same was most successfully organized for five years consecutively !


It is a tremendous record for any spiritual organization !


In the year 2006 also, the 6th Kailash Manasa Sarovar Dhyana Yatra is being planned in the month of June.


None can venture ... even in dreams ... to achieve ‘ Dhyana Prapancham ’ or ‘ Spiritual World ’. But it is Guruji who had the courage to dream to achieve Dhyana Prapancham, and he is slowly and steadily, and surely, on his way !


His first target was to make Andhra Pradesh as “ Dhyanandhra Pradesh ” by the year 2004 ! We have almost achieved it, as most of the people in the State of Andhra Pradesh now know about “ Anapanasati Meditation ”. And the second target is that, by the year 2008, the whole of the country should become “ Dhyana Bharat ” ! Thirdly, by the year 2012, the whole world should become “ Dhyana Jagat ” !


I got 100% benefit from meditation. My wife Leela matured a lot through meditation. My son Premsai is the one who got 1000% benefit out of meditation. From being a dull and below average student in 1994, he became a rank student by 2003, and secured 93.1% in Intermediate Public Examination and also a very good rank ‘ 392 ’ to get Free Engineering seat at S.V.University, Tirupati, and my daughter Geetha, is coming up with an exemplary academic record.


What else do I want ? ! The persons who ridiculed me in 1994, for associating myself closely with Guruji, are now slowly coming around to understand me and Guruji ! What a relief !


Pranams to Guruji !

Pranams to Truth !

Pranams to all Pyramid Masters !



Kanchi Raghuram
President, The Tirupati Spiritual Society 83, Kola Street, Tirupati - 517501
Ph : +91 9440270283

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