" The Only Scripture, The Only Example, The Only Master ! "



I am Sheela Mehta, a house wife. I am from Mumbai.


The greatest miracle ever happened to me is the entry of Patriji in my life and the greatest gift I ever earned by the power of ‘ Anapanasati Meditation ’.


These two things were more than enough for me to know and understand the essence of that ‘ I am ’ and the flavor that ‘ I ’ carry !


The presence of Patriji allowed this ‘ essence ’ to know it’s own ‘ flavor ’ !


Before the time of my meeting with Patriji, I was suffering from severe depression, and not knowing the particular cause of it.


In the year 1992, when for the first time depression overtook me, it was a shock ... to me, as well as to my family members and close friends, as all were aware of my happy go lucky nature ... no matter what !


Born in a middle class cloth merchants family I was a very contented child ... never had I any complaints nor any regrets. I was a simple child, not knowing the complexities of life. My friends used to mistake my care-free behavior as ‘ weak ’ and used to get worried about my unusual nature ... that is friendliness towards all the people ... known, unknown. Sometimes, even I used to wonder “ am I really a brainless creature on this earth ? ” ... so on and so forth.


Even I could not understand why I am like this ... the way I am ... I was a mystery to myself.


At the same time, I had tremendous love for me as well as for others for whatever they are ... especially for children. I could never discriminate anybody ... be it caste, creed, relation, gender.


Since my childhood, I felt that nobody was different from me. That was the root cause of my misery and misunderstanding of all my people ... be it my family, friends, or relatives. I could not do anything about the situation.


When I was little ... I was the youngest child in my family ... I used to put several questions to my mother :


“ Why do people hurt everybody by talking badly about them ... not giving what they want ... not allowing them to do what they like to do ? ”


“ What happens after a marriage that people start feeling miserable inspite of their own choice ? ”


“ Why do brothers fight for money inspite of their being rich ? Why can’t they share ? ”


“ Why people do not live in harmony ? ” ... so on and so forth.


And, my mother’s only answer for everything was : “ You are too little to understand all this ! ”


During the period of my severe depression, I came in contact with so many spiritual practices, such as ‘ pranic healing ’ , ‘ reiki ’ , ‘ divine light ’ , ‘ art of living ’ etc., ... but somehow nothing appealed me. None of it impressed me, and I was wondering why.


However, the revelation, to me, was that even though I was going through severe depression, these things never appealed me !


Even in my childhood, I used to hate medicines and ... as the depression hit me ... the only painful thing for me was to take medicines. However, I had no choice but to take medicines, as I was under others’ control.


I was knowing, deep down, that the Doctors cannot do anything for me, they cannot heal me.


It was something else that I needed to know ! To heal myself !


And, the craving for that ‘ something ’ became more and more intense. Every day ... every hour ... every minute ... every second ... I was craving for that ‘ something ’ ... that can bring life into my life.


I used to cry like a small child for that ‘ something ’ which can restore my energy, which can restore my will to live, which can give meaning in my life.


And ... miracle ... happened !


On a fine Sunday, 18th November 1999, Patriji came to Chembur in Mumbai, where I recide, to conduct a meditation class. And, the first time I saw Patriji and the first time I heard him speaking about ‘ Anapanasati Meditation ’, I was thunderstruck ! I got what I wanted ! I got my something !


A simple technique of Anapanasati can bring all that we ever yearned for, all that we ever wanted, all that we ever desired, all that we ever craved !


Well, that was the end of my depression ! That was the end of my suffering !


And, since then, my only mission in life is to teach meditation ... to spread meditation ... to reach to as many people as possible ... and to bring peace and harmony to all the humanity of this planet.


I find myself really very lucky as I got the opportunity to move with Patriji several times !


I travelled with him all over South India ! I visited most of the Pyramids ! I experienced the energy in all the Pyramids ! And, I explored many of my past life-times ! And, finally, I got the full realization of my own Soul !

I feel grateful to my husband Snehal J Mehta ... and to my children Pardita, Payal, Aditya ... who allowed me go whenever and wherever I wished and made my spiritual journey so comfortable !


I once read Osho :


“ Whenever you find a living master, throw away all the dead scriptures and ... ”


That’s exactly what I did ! For me Patriji is the only scripture I read ! Patriji is the only example I follow ! Patriji is the only master I trust ! In the history of mankind, no master has ever created so many masters, in such a short span of time !


His compassion and friendship towards each and every being is incredible ! His wisdom and knowledge are so very incomprehensible, yet so very comprehensible !



Sheela Mehta
44, Union Park, 101, Apurva Castle

Chembur, Mumbai - 400071
Ph : +91 9820131964

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