“ Thankyou .. Great Big Brother .. Patriji ! ”



" My Experiences with Patriji .. During his visit to Cairo .. February 2014 "



I am Irena from Hansburg, Germany.


As a seeker of the truth, I came to Cairo during November 2013.


I fortunately met " Madhu " and " Ramesh " through a local acquaintance to learn meditation at their residence.


The home of Madhu and Ramesh to me is a very special place, because here the divine and the mundane live together, so simple, so joyous, so moderate and so dignified .. what a marvelous power pack !


And thus, I immediately decided to follow Ramesh's invitation to be here when Patriji comes to Cairo.


I had rejected to follow any “ Guru " many years back. Yet, here, I felt magnetically attracted to be in the same space with this Enlightened Master from India. I had no expectations or specific images of how he would be ... I felt myself open to explore.


When Patriji finally arrived at the house, Ram and Madhu's home was flooded with people. We had had a meditation before and some questions found space to be answered. Without much ado, Patriji took his seat and we did another round of both meditation and Question Answers.


As I am writing this, I realize how there was an ever even flow of events, a perfect equanimity that continued throughout the entire days right until Patriji, Ramesh and Madhu departed for India and I found myself alone in the house in that wonderful energetic tranquil space and vibration !


What an asset, how powerful such level of simplicity! No unnecessary emotional excitement, no empty bubbles of mindless chitter-chatter, no intellectual acrobatics of any sort. An even flow of vibrant, crystal clear and razor sharp life force ado ever present, tranquil, true, subtly radiating and always absolutely to the point !


The practice of bundling and accumulating spiritual energy obviously does work wonders !


Another vital phenomena is the speed in which “ strangers turn family " in the simple radiating presence of such a grand master ·· that brings out the master in all of us by giving space to just be yourself and practice this together!


There were several events organized in various locations ..  Sawy Cultural Wheel, the Indian Embassy, Sadat Academy College and Beit-el-Raseef Culture Wheel in Maadi .. where Patriji was addressing the audience, guiding meditations and playing his flute.


I was deeply touched by the great number of mainly young Egyptian people of both genders that participated with keen interest and intelligent questions. There is good reason to invest in this great human potential in this ancient blessed land.


The Beit-el-Raseef Culture Wheel was bursting in its seams, there were so many people there sitting, standing, crouching down, eager to soak up the message. I truly do want to be not only in Egypt, but on the entire continent of Africa.


During my trip to Siwa .. a desert Oasis .. after a day of restful solitude I studied several of the magazines that Patriji had left for us. I had studied 1000s of spiritual books and explored many spiritual groups, schools and communities.


In the course of my thirty years of spiritual journey I came across various practices like Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Kriya Yoga. And to me, each and every single word in these Patriji's magazines speaks truth, up to the practice of anapanasati meditation, which I experienced to be superior to all other practices.


And, I realized just how important, even imperative is a light Vegan Diet for the true seeker of spiritual liberation, one yearning to be a true human, daughter / son of God and as such a keeper, a servant of Ma'at .. perfect harmony of forces, of Peace in ancient Pharaonic Egypt.


As for the pyramid, I experience it to be a powerful amplifier in my attempt to clear the min from all the clutter and allow it to arrive at its true purpose. Obviously, meditating in ‘ families ' honors the individuals' efforts with great reward through the mutual learning, understanding and joy that is generated by the sharing experiences after meditation.


Now, all we need to do is to keep up the daily practice, no matter what and reach out to others. Share all of them, this divine gift for their own benefit and the benefit of all as the great human family !


For, no one of us can truly be totally happy unless and until every living and feeling being on Earth has been invited to share this supreme and lasting happiness ! Live in the NOW and you partake in its eternity !


Thank you, our Great Big Brother Patriji, so generous, for sharing the truth you found with all of us ! May you be blessed forever !


Alone again, I find myself struggle with the subtle sneakiness of the mind creeping in the back door past my focus on the breath ... but .. I shall never give up ! I ! There, truly is no superior way to love and honor yourself other than Anapanasati .. Veganism .. and Pyramid Power.


TRY IT ! .. DO IT !.. FEEL IT !








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