“ Little Buddha ”



Ashwath .. born on 7th April, 2008 .. spent his first four years of his early child-hood at Erode, TamilNadu, with his mother and grandparents.


Ashwath's father Capt Jason Lewis .. a merchant navy officer .. was sailing during that time. He spent a lot of time reading with his grandparents, playing and caring for the dogs at home, looked after his own little garden.


He was very serious as a child. He used to meditate and participate in the meditation sessions. He listens to a lot of music too.


Ashwath first related his past life experience when he was just 3 1/2 yrs old stating that he lived in Spain as a maths professor. At the age of four, he truly predicted the 23 predictions which were of the boy who would marry his mother's sister ( 21 predictions already proved true and two are yet to take place ).


In his next incarnation, Buddha invited Ashwath to spend some time with him. Buddha had looked after him, used to make his bed, and took good care of him.


After the life-time with Buddha, he chose to come to the present family as he knew he would be understood.


Ashwath says : " My mind knows everything. Everything is there in the mind. It's only you who don't remember. " He further says, " What the eyes can't see, the mind can and that my mind has travelled to most places. "


He speaks a lot about building dams, water recycling, distribution of wealth ( most of his ideas relating to socio-economic reforms ). He claims that he learnt all of this in his past life.


He also used to talk about his travels to the Arctic on a ship which cut through the ice, there he witnessed the aurora borealis ( northern lights ).


He has always been clairvoyant. When showing him a poor fishing village, he seemed unaffected. He expressed only mild empathy and said " That's their life they have chosen, let it be ! "


He has always been an animal lover and our pet dog ' Sandy ' would sense whenever he was going to fall sick and vice versa. He exhibits a lot of compassion towards animals.


During a recent conversation with him, he explained about twin souls, Walk-ins and Nine dimensions and how we merge with the source. He speaks about the DNA coding in his own words.


Following is one of Ashwath's narrations in recent times :


" There are different worlds. We start from world zero and then go to one, two, three, etc, till 8th world. From here we go back to ' 0 ' world which is the 9th world and this keeps going on. Actually God made many worlds 9th, 10th, 11th ...... and many more. He took off zero and made it the 9th level before we came.


" Soon we all will be in a different world. The Gods are working to make this place better. There will be no doctors, no medicines. Everything will be controlled by the mind. There will be other names for the present things. The seasons will change. During that time this place will not be called ' Chennai '. We will have different names. The Sun and the Moon will remain unchanged. If we have to go to any place, we have to think and we will be there. If we have to eat any food, then we have to close our eyes and the food will go into the stomach. "


" We have magic powers and bodies, which we cannot use in this world. When we go to the next world,then only we can use these powers. We can become invisible. If we want to fight with an enemy, we can use our magical powers to protect ourselves. When we go to heaven, all our, things' are taken by us in a box, i.e., how we want to look like, what we want to be, how to select our families, etc. There and then, God takes the box and puts it in front of him. And he makes us as new persons. "


The end.


Have a happy weekend. And a new world too !


" Thank u once again. "


Ashwath's mother " Arathi ", his grandparents Anitha Shanker and Dr. N.P. Shanker are pyramid meditators.


Ashwath's sister " Miraya ( 2 yrs old ) " has also started showing signs of clairvoyance.


All this information has been given by Capt Jason Lewis .. Ashwath's father.




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