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I am Prameela Jyothi.


I started practicing MEDITATION since the year 1998 with the help of initiation through my cousin, " Dr. Shiva Kumar ". Since then, I have become deeply associated with the PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT.


I realized my purpose of life and role in GLOBAL SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT in creating harmony, happiness, peace and healthy Earth. As such, I volunteered to take up the activities of PSSM VIETNAM, in spreading meditation and vegetarianism.


It's an immense pleasure and great opportunity to write about my VIETNAM Assignment, representing PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT (PSSM). The assignment was for three months .. from March 2014 to May 2014.


The idea of serving VIETNAM got initiated through a dream, in which I saw myself being associated with the people and the team out there. So, I shared the same with " Master Ram " .. founder of PSSM, VIETNAM .. and inquired if there is any requirement of resources for the activities there. My association with " Master Ram " has been for the last 16 years through PSSM. He said he would require someone with good communication skills and great intent to do spiritual service and offered three months of business visa to me.


My dream came true with his support. The Masters from Vizag, PYRAMID VALLEY INTERNATIONAL, Bengaluru, PSS ACADEMY and Patriji supported me in several ways like sponsorships and other formalities.


THE PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT, VIETNAM, was established in the year 2011 by Master Ram, Minh Tu, Quyet, Diem, Nghiem, Nga and other Masters who have been enlightened by Ram.


Since then, various sessions, classes, workshops are being conducted by the team at various places like schools, universities, corporate organizations, public places, yoga, fitness centres etc. The activities also included free distribution of leaflets and DVDs.


The first pyramid was established at " Bien Hoa ".


The great work and efforts of Master Ram and his Team in establishing and expanding the PSSM, VIETNAM, are highly inspiring.


Brahmarshi Patriji visited Vietnam during November 2011 when twelve meditation sessions were conducted.


My assignment in VIETNAM:


 I was a part of the Team and led the workshops, sessions, and campaigns in spreading meditation and vegetarianism. Conducted meditation sessions and other various public and social responsibility activities at:


  • Yoga and Fitness centres
  • Zoo parks
  • Residential communities and parks
  • Personal Residential places


I have also conducted :

  • Training Pyramid Masters
  • Corporate Meditation sessions
  • Vegetarianism campaigns and buffets
  • Retreats and Full-moon meditation sessions
  • Oneness Meditation sessions



" Corporate Meditation Drive "


There was an overwhelming response for the Corporate Meditation Sessions and drives. That's the need of the hour due to stress and work-life imbalances. Employees and management felt glad and were thankful for conducting such sessions which offered them solutions to attain employee engagement, retention and achieve desired organizational goals.



" Cultural, Social and Spiritual patterns in VIETNAM "


VIETNAM is a vibrant and developing economy, returning to strength after the immense devastation done by America during the Vietnam War. People are sincere, committed, energetic, fun loving, supportive, receptive and open to learn new things.


They are more into open culture and the economy is mostly led by women. People are body oriented and fitness / beauty conscious. However, the term 'spirituality' is quite new to them. Yet, a transformation is happening these days, thanks to the efforts of PSSM and other like minded spiritual organizations. This is a really good sign and there is ample scope for further activities of PSSM.



" Current PSSM Activities, VIETNAM "


All the team activities are monitored by Master Ram and Master Minh Tu.


" Meditation Everywhere " program led by Master Quyet, spreading meditation and vegetarianism to all the provinces and various cities of VIETNAM.


Financial Management is done by Master Thi


Regular Training sessions and Master Training sessions are conducted by Masters Thi, Nga, Tai, Giang, Toan.


Vegetarian days and cooking classes are being conducting by Masters Han, Mai, Dat, Truc,Hue.


Facebook Fan page, website, support PSSM is done by Masters Toan, Hung, Cuc.


Organizing of Yogaand Meditation classes is taken care by Masters Ha, Thuong Thuong, Thanh True, Cuong


It was was a very great experience and opportunity to be a part of this amazing team for three months and to serve the great country of VIETNAM. There is an overwhelming response for Patriji, Pyramid masters and activities of PSSM.


I experienced a great honour as a Pyramid Master and I am very thankful for the concern, support, love and honour I received from the people and the team in VIETNAM. They are looking forward for more Pyramid Masters to visit, contribute and share their services, skills and experiences.



B.Prameela Jyothi


Ph: +91 98856 29838

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