“ Anapanasati Meditation in USA ”



I am Padmaja.


I am from secunderabad City.


I started my MEDITATION PRACTICE since February, year 2003, by learning the technique from my mother Smt. Susheela and further perfecting the same under the guidance of senior pyramid master Ms. Shalini Balaji of Tirumalgherry, Secunderabad.


As soon as, I attained stability in my meditation practice and tasted the fruits of meditation, I started for spreading meditation under the directions of Brahmarshi Patriji from the year 2004.


I was fortunate to be part of an active and like minded TEAM, and started travelling from the year 2004 to 2008 all over India, covering various important places in various states like Maharashtra, Delhi, U.P., Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Assam, Nagaland and Tripura etc.


During November 2013, I visited United States of America to see my daughter " Vishva " who is currently doing her masters in computers in Texas, Corpus Christi A and M university.


In the course of my stay with my daughter ( for about two months ), I also made a few quick trips to my friends to teach and spread Anapanasati meditation.


This began with my meeting with the president of Balaji Temple Dr. Krishnaiah, psychologist in Texas, Corpus Christi, through internet and then over phone. I explained about our meditation technique and requested his help to organize meditation classes in the temple to make a beginning.


Accordingly, he organized a meditation session for a group of thirty five people in the Balaji Temple. Dr. Krishnaiah explained the importance of meditation in daily life for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. They were very happy with their meditational experiences which they shared among themselves.


On 20th January 2014, I travelled to Chicago to join the meditation group. Our pyramid master " Srikanth " is presently working as software engineer in Chicago. I stayed there for four days and have conducted meditation sessions for his friends and their families in which certain members of the neighborhood too participated.


On 24th January, we proceeded to Miami, Florida and headed straight to the house of " Harrison Klien and Marbeth Dunn " .. an American couple who are eminent meditation teachers.


We met them earlier during their trip to India for a session on Spirituality in December 2011 and World Parliament on Spirituality held during December 2012, which was organized by Dr. Yugandhar and the friendship among us took root from there. Having a particularly great regard for Patriji and PSS MOVEMENT, they received us very affectionately and actively helped us to organize meditation sessions in Miami.


On 25th January early morning they organized a meditation session in Miami Beach which was held for a group called " Dream Catchers for Soul " which is headed by Ms. Burney Mayer.


They learnt Anapanasati meditation and practiced it for forty minutes and got different spiritual experiences and felt happy and emotional. They volunteered to help us in our mission. Thereupon, while thanking them for their gesture, we requested them to teach meditation wherever they are organized. They readily accepted and have started doing the same from then on, which has been an additional avenue for spreading meditation.


In the afternoon, same day, they took us to Madam Lorrain Henry Mayer who is a celebrated practitioner of different meditational and healing techniques. This was a group of twenty five persons hailing from six different countries namely USA, Canada, Argentina, Hungary, Belize, Poland for learning the Anapanasati meditation technique.


They all participated in the meditation session for thirty minutes and got energized immensely and they all believed that they can heal themselves through meditation practice.


One of the participants, Ms. Michal Ashanti from Belize who is running a Yoga center evinced keen interest in organizing meditation sessions in her country.


About two weeks later, after my stay at my nephew's place at Odessa, which is close to Corpus Christi, I met " Roy Jordan ", a law student through " Shreya " who is my daughter's friend who came to Balaji Temple to learn meditation. I called upon him and asked him to do something about organizing meditation sessions before I leave USA. He introduced " Ms. Lindy ", a Yoga teacher running " Yuga Yoga " in down town, Corpus Christi.


She immediately started organizing meditation classes in her Yoga studio, in University-College where she teaches Yoga to students. I have accompanied her for five classes in various locations in Corpus Christi. She motivated all the individuals who attended meditation classes and told them to take up meditation practice as a challenge and to become a scientist to experiment and to experience.


" Ms. Lindy " took to meditation practice seriously and experimenting and experiencing her meditation continuously. Then, I suggested them to practice meditation continuously for twenty one days without break to stabilize and regulate their meditation which will become a part of their daily life. They are all now into meditation regularly in yoga center, university and college and also teaching Anapanasati meditation to all their friends.


At a dinner session, we also met Ms. Lindy's other friends. There was a lot of sharing amongst all of us about meditational experiences and spiritual books. When I told them about Patriji's frequent visits to USA, they became excited and felt very happy to meet him and offered to organize classes and practice meditation in his presence.


On 12th February 2014, before leaving USA, I invited Ms. Lindy and all of her friends to dinner and served them all Indian food which they thoroughly enjoyed. There was a lot of exchange of spiritual experiences among the group which helped to establish a bond amongst the group.


During my US trip, I came across people who are very serious, interested and dedicated to the spiritual path and with whom I established a spiritual connection.


I am thankful to all the pyramid masters and who gave me this opportunity to utilize my time fruitfully for conducting meditation classes. I am also deeply indebted to Patriji who is the inspiration for me to undertake such programs.





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