“ Meditation is .. a Magic Wand ! ”



My name is Devika Gupta.


I was born on 29th September,1995, in Delhi. My parents .. Shri Arun Kumar Gupta and Smt. Asha Gupta.


I recently appeared for my 12th class board examination and currently am preparing for college entrance.


Since my child-hood, my mother used to encourage me to take part in different co-curricular activities. Taking time out of her busy schedule she used to take me to swimming, dance and drawing classes. I was a very patient, less demanding and always aspired to become a medical doctor, when I grew up.


My parents always supported me for everything. They understand me much before I say anything and fulfill my needs even before I could ask. Although they gave me so much love, I was never able to express my love for them. However, I really find my parents as best.


My mother is a highly spiritual person since her very early days. I keep seeing her attending satsangs every morning. Often, she used to narrate some good stories along with morals ( parables ) which she heard in the satsangs and thus initiated me into my spiritual journey during my early child-hood.



" my first meditation session "


In the year 2010, my mother came to know about " anapanasati meditation " and asked me to accompany her. But, that time, I refused the proposal.


Being just a fifteen years young girl, I was under the presumption that meditation is meant only for someone who is with a long white beard, dressed in saffron clothes, living in Himalayas and not for people of my age. I was supposed to concentrate only on my studies and go out with my friends and enjoy life.


But, my mother insisted me to come along with her and said " You just come; if you don't like it I don't compel you, but just give it a try. " I couldn't say no to her and went along with her to the Pyramid Meditation Centre.


When I entered the meditation hall, I saw people sitting cross-legged with eyes closed. Shri DLN Shastriji, a senior pyramid master, taught me the process of anapanasati meditation. Being totally disinterested, I sat down and just closed my eyes. I thought when the lights are off, I will open my phone and play game or go off to sleep.


But, when I closed my eyes, my inner voice told me .. " Devika .. What's the harm? You should at least give it a try ! ".


And, I started observing my breath and in a few minutes I went somewhere deep inside. I couldn't even hear the flute music which was being played ! I didn't know where I was and the whole sitting gave me deep level of relaxation. It relaxed each and every cell of my body ! I didn't even realize that I meditated for one hour in my first sitting itself !


I continued going to the Pyramid Meditation Centre regularly and did meditation for forty days without interruption.


In the center, everyone used to share their experiences. Someone said he saw Lord Shiva .. someone said she saw beautiful nature .. but I always experienced just deep and relaxed feeling and nothing else. I used to think that for me meditation was not happening. I believed that visual experiences are the only result of meditation and hence I stopped doing it and also thought it was a waste of time.


One day, a very senior master from Hyderabad, Balakrishna Sir, visited Delhi and gave a class at the centre. My mother literally dragged me to the centre that day and in front of everyone she told Balakrishna Sir that " Devika feels that visual experiences are the only results of meditation and she just feels the energies and be relaxed. So, she has stopped doing meditation ".


Balakrishna Sir with a smile said, " Visual experiences are not the only result of meditation. When you are meditating, it depends in which realm your consciousness is, and you experience different things. " He further said " feeling the depth and being relaxed is the ultimate experience of meditation ". Of course, I started doing meditation once again!


During my initial meetings with Patri Sir, I always hesitated in sharing my experiences and used to just observe him dealing with everyone around and listen to the conversations.



" attending Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists, Bengaluru "


In the year 2011, during my visit for Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists at Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru, my parents introduced me to Patri Sir for the first time and told him that I was scared of his white beard and Sir smiled and hugged me. At that moment itself all my fears and hesitations towards Sir vanished !


Meeting Patri Sir and doing meditation opened new chapters in my life. I could see my own reflection .. " WHO AM I ? " .. I could not only see my physical body but also see my inner self.


That night, in the pyramid valley, while I was meditating, I got my first visual or ' third-eye 'experience. I saw the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid made of Gold with Patri Sir's picture on it and the whole world merging into it with enormous happiness and celebration ! Since then, third-eye visual experiences in meditation became a part of my daily life.


Next day, in the pyramid valley, I got another experience .. where in, I saw that there was a puzzle of the world map and suddenly all the pieces got scattered and then with a beam of light and smoke they came together not as mere 2D puzzle but as a 3D pyramid. With this experience, I came to know that PSSM is the platform wherein the whole world will unite and will turn into a Pyramid Jagat.



" experience with Babaji "


Once in my meditation, I put a question to Mahavatar Babaji. After that I saw that I was going through a tunnel along with Babaji. At the end of the tunnel huge amount of light was coming and I entered a heavenly place. Babaji told me that I along with my parents have to build a Pyramid Colony and he showed me a mini model of it. The place was no less than heaven.


There was a small pond in the middle with lotus flowers and cute fish. On the left side of it, there was a structure in pyramid shape and it was the reception cum office. On the right side, there was Annadan hall roofed under a pyramid. In the middle, there was a path going to a Mega Pyramid. Next to it were pyramid shaped cottages. Behind the cottages was a spherical shaped structure.


When I entered it I saw that it was a library just like the Akashik records. I was amazed to see this wonderful place. I turned towards Babaji and said, " Babaji, I want to make this as a reality as soon as I can " and at the same moment, I entered a place that was pitch dark and a small light was coming from somewhere. I realized that I could fly there and I flew towards that light and saw a pyramid shaped planet. I thought of lifting that planet and bringing it on to the Earth. I picked up the planet and got it to Earth. I placed it somewhere and brought the whole world's population on to it. I saw Patri Sir was with me, at that time and found him to be really happy. I know that my experience is going to become a material reality soon.



" knowing purpose of my life "


The two most important days in our life are .. the day we are born .. and the day we find out " Why are we here ? " Through meditation, I came to know the purpose of my life, that I am here on this planet Earth to spread spiritual science knowledge and vegetarianism amongst everyone and build pyramids world-wide.


" meditation is my doctor "


I had the problem of tonsillitis. I took many medicines but they never cured the disease. However, only meditation could help and heal this and relieved me completely from the chronic problem.


In the year 2012, I got acute problem of gastroenteritis. I was not willing to take any medicine. The pain was so intense that I had to be admitted in the hospital twice. Antibiotic medicines and injections failed on me and at the end, I meditated very intensely and thus cured myself. Henceforth, I believe that we all can heal ourselves through meditation and there is no need to take any medicine.



" meditation is magic wand "


I got the best thing of myself that is meditation. For me, meditation is just like a magic wand .. a key for every problem - a light for every shadow - a relief for every sorrow - and a plan for every tomorrow.


Meditation released out all my emotional dilemmas. It taught me that we all should neither stay attached nor detached from people. We should always stay in the Middle Path.


Meditation provided a lot of ease and happiness to my physical self. I feel no burden of studies or exams. It has increased my concentration power. The things, I used to learn in three hours, gets finished in just one hour. I never feel stressed up for studies. I pass through exams very smoothly.


Since I wanted to become a doctor, I worked really hard in class 10th to get good marks so that I get Science as a subject in class 11th. I achieved what I wanted but it didn't give me inner satisfaction. I soon realized .. as Patri Sir says and I myself experienced ..we don't need doctors and medicines and hence I switched over to humanities. Humanities brought out the artistic qualities inside me and opened a new phase of my life.



" past-life experiences "


In meditation, I have seen many of my past lives and got clarity on many of my present life situations.


In the year 2013, while I was meditating during " The National Congress of Spiritual Scientists " held at Delhi, I saw one of my past-lives, wherein I was a spiritual dweller and used to spread spirituality with my friends. However, I started eating non-vegetarian food and was cursed by my friends for this and ended with a painful death.


After seeing some of my past lives, I understood that in this life, I am healthy as I have done something good and as and when I do some spiritual work, I would be able to release my karmic burden.



" attending Dhyan Mahachakram "


I attended " Dhyan Mahachakram " twice, with my parents. It was an outstanding experience to meditate and share experiences with one lakh meditators. The energies were so dynamic with lots and lots of highest possible vibrations. It was like being in another world itself !



" reading first spiritual book "


The first spiritual book I read was " The Art of Joyful Living " by Swami Rama. It said meditation is the light of knowledge, understanding, life, sharing and love.



" my vision "


As a teenager, I love doing meditation because all questions can't be answered by ' Google ' alone ! We do, already, have inner true knowledge. We just need to tap and explore it. A single insight into us is more valuable than reading all the scriptures put together. A single glimpse of our consciousness would help us to enter into the other realms.


For me the hardest thing in life was to ' let go '  whether it was guilt, anger, love or loss. I hold on to things. Gradually, I could get over this too. Now, I always try to live in the present moment and let things flow. In this way, I could discover and face my untamed mind and all my fears.


Presently, I am doing designing work for " Dhyan Bharat ", the Hindi New Age bi-monthly magazine of PSSM.



" pyramid dhyan jagat "


Patri Sir is everything to me. He is my Guru and my best friend too and I know that being with him and Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, I can fulfill the purpose of my life. Not just ' fulfill ' but achieve excellence in it.


I will stay on this Planet Earth along with my Guru Patri Sir till he accomplishes his mission of making every one a vegetarian and completion of Pyramid Dhyan Jagat.




Devika Gupta

New Delhi

Ph: +91 92123 27223

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