" I Understand the Purpose of my Life ! "



I am Mahesh Maloo.


I am from Nagpur.


One day, during 2002, when I was in Hyderabad, with my in-laws, I happened to glance through daily news paper “ Deccan Chronicle ” in which I read one article written by Dr. K. Newton on “ Past Life Therapy and its Healing Experience ”. I was very excited to talk to Dr. Newton because I was always interested in these things from my childhood days. But somehow I could not talk on that day. But I stored his number on my mobile.


After two years, in the month of September October 2004, I was feeling a bit nervous and tensed for no reason. I have everything in my life. There is absolutely no ‘ problem ’ at all. Still I am feeling some emptiness in my life. There are a number of questions arising in my mind ... “ Where do we come from ? ” , “ Why are we here ? ” etc.,


At that time I used to take some tranquilizers too. However, ‘ problem ’ continued and I would not get the answers anywhere. Suddenly I remembered Dr. Newton’s therapy. I immediately called on him, but he was then in Europe. I e-mailed him and gave my brief.


He agreed to come to Nagpur. Finally, he did come to Nagpur on 9th January 2005. That day indeed is the transforming day in my life.


He conducted a two-day workshop and also stayed back for two-days for my personal sake. On the last day, when he was about to leave, he taught me about meditation i.e., ‘ Anapanasati ’ and told me about Patri Sir and about the Pyramid Spiritual Society Movement, India.


I had done, on that day, about twenty minutes meditation. I became so relaxed after that. Then he went back. As per his advice, I started doing meditation daily.


In between, I got the magazine “ Spiritual India ” from Dr. Newton. In that, I read about the experiences of different people which gave me a lot more confidence in my meditation. Dr. Newton also told me about Shreyans Daga and Sai Kumar Reddy. I used to talk to both of them any number of times.


I got a lot of inspiration from them. Then I started doing meditation more regularly and also reading the books provided by Sai Kumar Reddy.


After two to three months of meditation, all my questions got automatic answers !


On 1st March 2005, I met Patri Sir in Nagpur. He told me in detail everything about meditation. That day he taught a lot of new things which certainly changed the course of my life. Above all, I could clearly understand the purpose of my life.


From then on, till now, I am doing regular meditation and reading books. Luckily, I and my family, from our birth, are pure vegetarians. We don’t even eat eggs. We are totally and completely vegetarian.


So, I request everybody to do meditation regularly. That is the way for the evolution of the soul. As told by Patri Sir, I should also request you to be a vegetarian and read good books.


You will get everything in this life as well as after this life !




Mahesh Maloo - Executive Director
239, East Wardhaman Nagar, Near Swaminarayan Temple, Central Avenue,
Nagpur - 440008
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