“ I benefitted immensely from using Pyramid ”



I am Narayan Agrawal.


I am from Mumbai City. I came to know about, pyramid benefits' only very recently.


I went for the first time .. on Sunday 10th May 2014 .. to " Mulund Pyramid Centre " to listen to a lecture on " PYRAMID BENEFITS " by " Kulkarni Sir ", in which he explained how his aged mother could recover more than 50% from multiple bone fractures due to falling in bathroom .. for which even orthopedics also expressed inability to treat her due to her old age of 92 years.


I also attended Kulkarni Sir's lecture on " Sankalp  Shakti - power of firm determination " on 24th May 2014.


Both these lectures greatly inspired me. I decided to make myself 100% healthy with the help of PYRAMID ENERGY.



" benefits from Pyramid usage "


I was having a chronic knee pain. I used knee PYRAMID continuously and within three days I got completely (100%) healed !


I was also having eye problem for more than two years and the burning sensation in both eyes was increasing day by day. I was unable to read for long time, could not watch T.V. programmes at a stretch, unable to do computer work on computer for longer time. I put a PYRAMID CAP on my head for more than six hours a day; within four days, the eye burning sensation completely reduced and am feeling very cool!


During nights, whenever I change my position while in sleep ( from left-hand to right-hand ) I was getting giddiness. Sometimes, every morning after I getting up from bed, also I was getting giddiness for which I used to do some neck exercise for the past ten years.


I normally get up in the morning by 3:00 am or 3:30 am, irrespective of my going to bed. One day, I woke up at 3:30 am, and put a PYRAMID on my head. After 1/2 hour, I did neck exercise also. I was feeling a tremendous difference in my neck muscles etc., as if some greazing / coiling has been done to my neck muscles. There after I never got giddiness problem anytime.


I retired as an assistant auditor. Due to my hectic work schedule I was unable to sleep even for three hours a day. And this continued for ten days during the financial year ending period i.e., March 2014. I used to wear PYRAMID CAP continuously for about five hours a day while working in office. This made me very energetic and subsided all my pain etc. !


I told my daughter all these benefits I derived by using PYRAMIDS. She also took a few PYRAMIDS to her in-laws place and started using them for herself and also for her son.



" effects of PYRAMID usage "


1. Peace of mind

2. Lesser thoughts

3. Increase in intuition

4. Feeling energetic all the time


I got all the above benefits within one month of pyramid usage.


I met Brahmarshi Patriji for the first time on 12th June 2014, and shared my experiences of using PYRAMID ENERGY.




Narayan Agrawal


Ph: +91 93220 22011

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