" I Could Cut-Down .. Seventy Percent .. of .. Medicines ! "



I, Mohd. Ali, am a Technical Doctor.


I am a Technical and Executive Director, Health Dyne Medical Resources Inc., and also Hospital Management Consultant for turn key projects.


I am from Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.


Since a few years, I have been suffering from chronic ailments like ankylosing spondylitis with servical and spinal calcification. I am mildly diabetic, and have elevated blood pressure; I also have mild breathing hardness.


On 11th November, 2005, I happened to attend the opening function of Spiritual India office at Mehidipatnam, Hyderabad, where I had learnt ‘ Anapanasati ’ meditation.


However, It’s only since January 26th, 2006, that I started practicing ‘ Anapanasati ’ meditation with all my sincerity and faith and I began to utilize the facility provided at the meditation centre regularly. I felt wonderful and peaceful with a clear mind on the first day of my meditation itself.


I could feel further improvement after a weeklong meditation. I experienced a few blissful movements of emptiness with feelings of serenity and transquillity. In fact, these moments of bliss relaxed my body and my mind. Such a luxury I could enjoy only after several long years !


I am pleased to reveal that I became very punctual in my work after being hooked up to the ‘ Anapanasati ’ meditation. Consequently, I could cut-down about seventy percent of consumption of medicines ! I hope, in near future, I would be able to totally drop all medication.


My blood pressure is as normal as it is in any medical books, I could also realise improvement in functioning of my heart and lungs. Therefore, it is an over-all improvement of my health. Now, I also feel more energetic.


Hence, I appeal to all those who are similarly suffering to do intensive meditation regularly. In short, what one is required to do is ... “ simply sit under a pyramid and watch own incoming and outgoing breath ” ... the results will follow automatically.


My recent interaction with Brahmarshi Patriji, founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies, India, is indeed a wonderful experience. It was an eye opener to my emotional, mental and physical body levels. Truly, Patriji has an ocean of knowledge, pertaining to Occult and New Age Spiritual Science.


In the course of my lengthy discussion with him I could sense his in-depth knowledge of all major religions including Islam, Sufi Mysticism, Christianity, the Four Gospels and Old Testament ... Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads etc.


When, I heard Patriji saying “ Spiritualize India by the year 2008 ”, he literally means that every citizen of India should be oriented towards spirituality and enjoy a peaceful and joyful life.


I wish every person ... especially the young generation as well as the older people ... to participate in the Pyramid Spiritual Society Movement, and practice ‘ Anapanasati ’ meditation and to live their life fully with perfect health and happiness.


My second son, Nabil Khan, who is eleven years old, studying sixth standard, was initially reluctant to my suggestion when I invited him to join me for ‘ Anapanasati ’ meditation. He posed logical questions like ... “ How can you empty your mind by simply sitting under a pyramid ? ”, “ Are there any aliens sitting upon pyramids to shower positive radiation ? ”


However, after my counselling, my son started doing meditation under the pyramid. On day one itself, he sat in meditation for thirty minutes ! He said, “ Soon after three or four minutes of commencement of meditation, I became curious, my breath became short automatically. My mind became totally blank with no thoughts whatsoever ”.


He further said that when he came out of the meditation room everything started looking different and very fresh ! He also said, “ Pyramid Meditation is truly a space-ship experience ! ”


I have been a witness to the increasing popularity of ‘ Anapanasati ’ meditation in my own locality day by day.


I am highly thankful to Brahmarshi Patriji, and to all pyramid masters for their relentless efforts for propagating the ‘ Anapanasati ’ meditation and helping millions of people to enjoy their health and mental peace as I have myself been a direct beneficiary.



Mohd. Ali K.
12/2/831/90/7, Century Apts, Flat No. # 303

2nd floor, MIGH, Mehdipatnam,

Hyderabad - 500 028, A.P., INDIA.
Ph: 040 - 23533717

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