" Pathless Land - Meditate and Become Paramatmas ! "



After I graduated in commerce, I landed a job in a nationalized Bank in 1977 and slowly my journey towards making my life began.


Interactions with my superiors, colleagues and customers left many questions unanswered within me.


A sincere devotion towards Lord Raghavendra sowed by mother then was my only refuge. Shlokas, Japas or Bhajans would hold me for a while but soon an unsettling thought would disturb me. With the little economic leverage that my salary afforded, I indulged in a few purchases that I could ill afford during my student days.


With a middle-class background and a ritualistic and brahmanic upbringing, my childhood was not especially eventful. However, I would always feel a rebel within me.


My parents were both simple and humble beings and never ever exerted any kind of pressure on me or on my sister. However, the importance of good education was always driven into us.


My father was Personal Assistant to Dr. K.M.Munshi for over a decade ! This helped us to shape our cultural and religious outlook by way of several books, journals etc.


Prayers and rituals, gods, temples and their importance were all a bit confusing for me. Several times I would question God as to His whereabouts.


I read several books of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa which are very appealing with their simple and lucid texts and examples. My reading habit inculcated by my parents was a sheath anchor for me and stood by me during several turmoils that I had to face due to personal failures as also during times of my parents’ health problems which we went through for over five years.


It was in the year 2000, some date in the month of May. Brother-in-law Mr. S.K. Rajan ... founder, The Coimbatore Pyramid Meditation Centre, sent a few pamphlets and journals about Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. Over the phone he also narrated the meditational experiences that my beloved sister Girija Rajan encountered.


Through these I was set to meet Bhrmashri Patriji. My prayers were answered when during June the very same year Patri Sir came to Mumbai for a meditation session.


At this first session itself I had a remarkable tunnel experience and I felt that something was churning within me and I felt immense calm and coolness all around me. Although the tunnel experience lasted only a few seconds it left an indelible impression on my mind and a reassurance comforted me from some quarter.


I questioned Patri Sir why such a wonderful experience lasted only a few seconds. He comforted me and also explained to me that one must not look forward to such expectations. Nature unfolds at its own pace and I must remain calm and observant.


During subsequent sessions I found out that I was being guided by a strong super natural force which in-fact evaporated all the rebellious feelings within me pretty quickly.


I always held a fascination for books but those recommended by Patriji opened new vistas and gave crystal clear direction that I ought to follow in taming my thoughts and remaining ever connected with the divine being within me.


I strongly felt attracted to, “ Conversations With God ” by Neale Donald Walsh ... in three parts. I must have read them over a hundred times ! And, every time a new revelation or a new insight ! Wonderful works and writings by other authors like James Redfield, Castenda, Deepak Chopra, Paramahansa Yogananda, were very significant.


My dear Buddhas ! This divine spiritual master adopts one technique ... ‘ Anapanasati ’.


Yes ! So blessed are we to have come into contact with our dear beloved Brahmarshi Patriji.


Well, I can now explain as to why I titled this write-up as ‘ Pathless Land ’. For, with this unique Master, nothing is charted ! You find your own path ! You become your own Guru ! You open up yourself to the cosmic forces ! Just be still and know that ye are all GODS !!!


“ Meditate and become Paramatmas ! ” ...


Let these strong words of Patriji ring loud and clear within us. All else will be taken care of.


Dear great flute-player ! Blow into us the divine breath ! That we may wake up to become masters ! As per thy great plan !


“ Appo ... Deepo ... Bhava ”



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