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Lalitha Garapati ... founder of “ Prema Jyothi - Pyramid Healing ” has started her project in India with the inspiration from Brahmarshi Patriji and doing immense service by way of teaching self-healing technology and meditation. She has particular interest in extending her services to children from orphanages and to senior citizens. Her unique spiritual journey has been revealed in her own words to Spiritual India.


In my quest for personal healing, I have attended different workshops lead by great teachers from the east and the west. I have also served many spiritual masters in India.


My mother’s death from heart attack when I was twenty seven years old gave me a big shock in my life. I became very fearful of life and developed multiple health problems which made my life miserable. My husband and children were very patient with me and took great care of me.


That is the time when I tried all types of healing like ... naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, ayurvedic medicine and so on, which are available in India. I also consulted many physicians in U.S.A. and took medicines. However, I was not healed completely.


My healing started when I was initiated into “ Tera Mai Reiki ” ... eight years ago ... through a friend. Reiki helped me in relieving my physical pains. Later I attended more healing workshops like ... Magnetic Healing, Pranic Healing, Melchizedek, AMA healing /Psychic Surgery, Silva Mind Control, Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique, etc. etc., and, I was getting better and better and better.


The next significant leap in my healing was meeting Swami Sukhabodhananda through my cousin. He gave me a new way of living. He taught me that ... there are no ‘ mistakes ’ in life ... and there are no ‘ ordinary ’ moments. Everything happens for a purpose, growth and highest good. I now started looking at life differently.

Then, Louise L. Hay’s book “ You Can Heal Your Life ” entered my life through another friend.

The first thing that attracted me was the title of the book “ Only you can heal your life ... nobody else can do that for you ! ” I read the book with such great interest and it moved me so much and I felt “ If that lady could come out of her cancer ... the deadly disease ... just with her thought ... why not me ? ”.

In fact, my position was not at all bad. Physically I was okay, may be mentally I was depressed. I was not in the death bed like her ... so with that inspiration I did all the exercises suggested by her for a period of one month. I could realize it was all my creation only and my health started improving.

My whole life turned around. I could see clearly where I was hurting myself and blocking my own healing. And then I learnt how to love myself and heal myself completely.

I attended the teacher’s training of Louise L. Hay workshop in San Diego in 2000. I thank Dr. Patricia Crane and her team for those ten days of dramatic change in my life. I recognized why I attracted all the challenges in my life.

I practiced and practiced and practiced and started becoming what I have learnt. There were many times when I thought nothing was working for me and I wanted to quit. But at every step, the existence supported me in different ways providing me the tools to handle my challenges. That is the power of my intention ... my willingness to be healed ! I started growing up ... every day ... spiritually ... with all the challenges in many areas of my life. I started to learn many lessons from everyone I met, such as friends, clients and my family members.

Many of these spiritual theories and spiritual techniques have been around for thousands of years. As Deepak Chopra stated one time “ I have never had an original thought ”. Everything is in the universe just waiting to be tapped into. The information within my soul seemed to keep getting clear and clear as time progressed.

Much of the material that is being channeled through so many people at this present time, is so because the earth planet needs healing. It is hard to keep up with who is doing what. I strongly believe that the important aspect is that the information reaches out to the people so that they can heal themselves.

I formulated the following steps as I have experienced them myself and tried with my friends and students in these four years. Everyday I am learning new things. I thank each and every individual who helped me to grow. I am very grateful to all those miracles in my life. I especially thank my two grand children who taught me wonderful lessons of life.

Today, I am aware that there is nothing but love, which everybody needs. If you can discover that love is within yourself, you will not search outside. That love which is inside you can become a light in your life which can show you the path to take in this journey of life.

I had my bypass surgery during 2002. All though my friends and relatives criticized me for falling ill again. However, I looked at it differently.I felt as if the universe gave me this condition with a purpose. That reminds me what Swami Sukhabodhananda says ... “ When universe gives you something, you don’t blame the universe and you better enjoy, and then you don’t feel the pain ”.

When I was taken to the operation theater for the surgery I was very stable and my B.P. was normal which surprised the doctors. I used to keep my room in the hospital with fresh flowers, incense sticks, and pleasant music.

All the Doctors and the hospital staff used to like the atmosphere in my room ... which helped me to heal fast during the post-operation phase ! In addition to the above I used to give positive affirmations to myself directly. I recorded the same affirmations on a tape in my own voice and I used to listen to them all the time during the post operative period which enhanced my healing.

I was continuously thanking all the hospital staff saying that every hand that is touching me is a divine hand. The doctors were amazed to see the progress of my recovery. I wish if I could pass this information to all the patients in the world ... that they are in divine hands and there is a healing power in them which is nothing but their own intent. If they can meditate ... observing the breath ... being in the present moment ... THEY CAN HEAL THEMSELVES.

During July 2004, I met Brahmarshi Patriji when he visited USA.

I was introduced to Patriji by Dr. K. Newton. Meeting Patriji has been the biggest miracle in my life ! That being my first meeting, as a good gesture and respect I touched the feet of Patriji ... but to my utter surprise Patriji did the same thing to me! I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, I never dreamt such a reaction from any one of that calibre. I told Patriji that I heard a lot about him. Again I received another surprise, as Patriji said “ I have known you all along ”.

Patriji invited me to attend his meditation class in Detroit on 14th and 15th August 2004. I attended the workshop and met Mr. Premnath from Adoni, A.P. who was incharge of that meeting. I could also meet Dr. Sudha Koduri, sister of Brahmarshi Patriji, in the class and the Detroit pyramid master Nagraj.

My first experience of Pyramid Meditation was very thrilling ! I was asked to sit comfortably, clasp my hands, cross my legs, close my eyes and observe the normal and natural breathing. I did it and I was awaiting further instructions. However, there were none, except a caution not to open the eyes. I sat for about fifteen minutes for the first time and could not even reach the stage of breath observation.

I was again surprised in the meditation class that Patriji asked me to come to the dias. Not knowing what to say I was staring at him. That time I had a big size red color bindi on my forehead. Patriji pointed his finger to that and asked me “ What is this ? ”. Without a second thought I said, “ It is my third eye Sir ”. Every one clapped and Patriji explained all about the third eye.

I started doing Anapanasati Meditation regularly since then and I had so many good experiences which I shared with Patriji. Earlier to that I never used to like ... to sit and meditate.

I took Master Bill Lee, Michigan State Chief,who conducts Harry Palmer Course called ‘ Avatar ’, to Patriji.

It was a wonderful sight to see two great spiritual masters ... one from the East and the other from the West ... meeting. I was a happy witness to the unique conference in which they shared their respective experiences.

Suddenly, Patriji asked me whether I am ready to listen to a song on Lord Hanumanji. I was very pleased to hear a melodious song by Patriji.

I could see the flow of Hanumanji’s energy through my body ! My body became very heavy. A student who was sitting opposite to me could watch the changes that occurred in my face. I did not even know when Patriji’s song got over. In fact, I was not there ! My body felt different. That condition continued until Patriji touched me. It was such an amazing experience.

I have never told anyone this experience except to Patriji. I even took a promise from him that I should not be asked any time in the future to reveal my experience on any occasion. Patriji assured me that he would not pressurize me but he casually mentioned that, “ A time will come when you yourself will reveal your experiences to the public at an appropriate time ”. Now, I realize that the time has come for me to reveal my experiences!

After a few days, I had new experiences about the chakras, during my meditation which I wanted to share with Patriji; however, I did not know where he was.

It was a miracle that within a few minutes of my thought, I received a telephone call from Patriji himself from Chicago !

Soon after this experience I explained about my plans to Patriji. I very badly wanted to create a healing system by the name “ Prema Jyothi ” incorporating all the techniques and methods which I have learnt and add Anapanasati Meditation to it.

He encouraged me to go ahead with it. He further said this is what the world needs now and he gave me a beautiful caption for my workshop “ The Inner Core Of Love Is Light ! The Outer Periphery Of Light Is Love ! ”

Before leaving USA, Patriji told me “ Madam ! You are going to India soon ! India needs you and your services ! ” I was having my healing centre in Detroit and had many American students. I taught all of them Anapanasati Meditation and trained a few people to continue my work there in the centre, and I came back to India.

I am very glad when my husband, who is in USA, now called me and told my students are conducting meditation classes there regularly and organising full-moon group meditations too !

Principles of Prema Jyothi

  • Be grateful for daily miracles
  • Be non-judgmental of yourself and others
  • Be loving and accepting yourself
  • Be in service to the universe
  • Be in the present moment
  • Be one with your thoughts, words and actions
  • Be surrendering to the universe and trust the process of life
  • Be a meditator and become a witness

Activities of Prema Jyothi

  • We are conducting workshops to resident students time to time.
  • Presently we have over 100 students who are undergoing training in the Prema Jyothi Institute.
  • We are conducting Anapanasati Meditation classes in Jublee Hills, Hyderabad, involving a few volunteers.
  • We are extending Prema Jyothi Concept to less privileged classes, children and senior citizens from orphanages and old age homes in Hyderabad.

We are planning to visit various hospitals and teach meditation to the staff and the patients.

Healing Under a Pyramid

I was meditating in a roof-top pyramid along with Patriji at Adikmet pyramid meditation centre, Hyderabad. During the meditation my body became heavy and started sweating and I had a experience when I saw Hanumanji along with the Sanjivini mountain. A huge amount of cosmic energy flooded my body. I felt a great healing sensation thereafter. The very next day, I was bold enough to stop taking medicines completely.

After a few months, I faced health problems again and I asked Patriji, “ Do I need to see a doctor ? ” For that he put a counter question “ Are you afraid of death ? ” Then I started understanding that I was not afraid of death and that I could heal myself. I called Pyramid Master Vijay and he arranged two 4x4 ft hanging pyramids in my house above my bed.

I began to spend most of my time under these pyramids. We set a time frame of twenty one days to heal ... otherwise I would see a doctor. The pyramids showed their healing powers on me. As a result, I recovered within fifteen days ! There was no need for a doctor!

I suggest every home to have a pyramid to avoid any negative energies and get healed !

The Power is Within You !

I would like to share all this knowledge with you. If you use these principles and techniques you will also heal your life ! You are important. Your healing helps the world to heal ! The power is within you ! Look into yourself ! Take the personal responsibility to heal. The universe is ready to support you !

I am enjoying every moment of life ! I am the happiest person on this planet. When I could do it ... you too can do it. As Louise L. Hay always says “ You don’t have to know how to do it ! Just be willing ! It is time start now ! ”

You may use the following Louise L. Hay affirmations :

“ Day by day, in every way, I am more and more healthy, wealthy, loving, blissful, and enlightened. ”

“ I am open and receptive to all the abundance that universe offers me at the right time, space, and sequence. I receive it with great love, happiness, and gratitude. I love life. Life loves me. ”


Lalitha Garapati
Flat No.1B, Nest Apartments, S.R. Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 038
Ph: 5554 8840

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