" A Seth Speaker ! "



There was a point in my life when ‘ I ’ was the biggest mystery to me. ‘ Who am I ? ’ , ‘ why am I here ? ’, ‘ what am I doing in this world ? ’ , ‘ who sent me here ? ’ ... Life did not seem to be as much ‘ fun ’ as it was supposed to be. However, now I am a Seth Speaker !


It is to a period about five years ago that my memory goes to.


I was a normal average person with a small family. My husband and I have two sons and at that time we were living in Dehradun. I was a mathematics teacher and my husband was serving in a public sector organization. We enjoy a fairly comfortable life.


Around that time, I started to feel a strange restlessness within me. Smallest issues began to seem like great hurdles. It was a period of emotional trauma for me personally. I had successfully accumulated large quantities of poor self-worth, self-recrimination, discontentment, guilt and a whole host of their companions !


Every situation in my life was seen by me through these ‘ filters ’. I could not foresee any solution to my problems and feared a complete break-down of my family. It was from that state of absolute desperation that I started appealing to my favourite God Krishna for guidance.


I remember that night of 31st December so vividly. It was a cold winter night with heavy rainfall. My husband got transferred to Assam that June. I stayed back with the children ... as my elder son was appearing for his Class X exam.


An old friend knocked on my door quite late that night. She said that she had spent a considerable length of time in that rain looking for the house that we had moved into recently. I was surprised to see her and wondered what made her to go through all that effort just to visit me on a night like that.


She confessed that for some strange reason she felt compelled to bring me a book that she had been reading. She was not aware of my state of mind and could not explain why she felt that urgency. The book she had brought was “ Sai Satcharitra ” by Govind Rao Raghunath Dhabolkar on the life of Shirdi Baba. It turned out to be the night of deliverance for me.


The message was very clear. My help had been delivered to me at my doorstep ! I started the New Year by reading that book. Every word, every page seemed to be talking to me, every message seemed to have been written with me in mind.


Fortunately for me, I had always been a person with strong faith and on that day I decided that I would completely surrender myself to my guiding force ... Shirdi Baba. I would accept without question every situation that came up in my life as being in my best interest. It was like a miracle that day, when in the worst phase of my personal crisis, I suddenly felt very confident that I had turned the corner. I felt that I had now begun the real journey.


My higher-self must have been waiting for me to arrive at that exact station in life. Developments took place that were not even considered earlier, and so soon. It was magic in action.


Our family was relocated to Hyderabad. We moved into our own house. In retrospect, I can see that for me personally, the move to Hyderabad was planned with the sole purpose of my spiritual transformation.


My first experience with practical spirituality came from my initiation into Reiki. Until then I knew only of faith in a chosen God and devotion to him. It was with Reiki that I took my first step into the world of spirituality.


Shortly after our move to Hyderabad, I was introduced to it. I went for my first Reiki attunement without even a fundamental knowledge of the subject. I was not familiar with meditation; I had never been taught any meditation. My ideas of meditative experiences came solely from the stories that I had read about the great sages who spent years in solitude in remote caves and forests. I was completely unprepared for what lay in store.


I was given my first level Reiki attunement by Mrs Malathi Rao, a Reiki Grandmaster. I was taught meditation for the first time. She is a wonderful teacher who packs in a lot of concepts of spirituality besides the fundamentals of Reiki, in her teaching.


I was so fascinated with the new subject ! I learnt that energy could actually be directed by our intentions !


Prior to that day, I had never known cosmic energy ... as anything that could be put to use by a lay mortal. It felt like I had been given the latest and most advanced tool with whose help I could make all my troubles go away. It certainly felt that for the first time I had got some kind of control over my life.


I was a very sincere student, and I took to meditation and practice of Reiki with total dedication.


To my surprise, I discovered that the results were almost instantaneous ! My meditational experiences from the very first day were phenomenal !


I found myself sitting for great lengths of time in meditation without any idea of time passing by. The very first time that I meditated, I started to have visions of light. As I practiced regularly the visions started to vary and I began to see various shapes and patterns each time.


After three weeks of practice of Reiki First Level, I was attuned to Reiki Second Level. I was taught the technique of long distance healing. Within days after this attunement, I had the most wonderful experience during meditation.


One evening, around 7:00 pm, I must have meditated for about forty five minutes. Just as I decided that I would end it, I felt a strong compulsion to continue sitting. It was almost as if an external force was compelling me to continue. I was consciously aware of wanting to get up and at the same time felt unable to do so. I decided to continue for a few more minutes because it was quite puzzling and I was curious to see where all this would lead to. My intuition was telling me that there was something unusual that was happening with me.


That evening, the most amazing experience of my meditative life took place ... I experienced opening of my third eye through psychic surgery ! I was puzzled and overwhelmed during the course of the entire procedure which lasted for about fifteen to twenty minutes.


At that point in time, I did not know that such a phenomenon existed. I spoke to my teacher immediately after that and told her what happened ... the flurry of activity by unseen hands around my face, my face being turned around in various directions by these forces, the searing ‘ incision ’ like sensation down my forehead. It was from her that I learnt of the significance of my experience.


The full impact of what I had gone through came to me only when I became aware of my suddenly activated clairvoyant abilities. This was my first direct experience with the psychic world. Since then, I had a number of similar experiences and interactions. My life, since, has been a fine example of ‘ synchronicity ’ going full steam !


A short time later, I was introduced to Dr.K. Newton, who is an expert in past-life regression therapy, a spiritual scientist and a lot more ... one of the finest spiritual masters of our times. It is very difficult to encapsulate his entire personality in words.


I would call my association with him as the single largest factor that has helped me in this journey that I have set out on. I attended all the workshops conducted by him and also took training to become a Regression Therapist. The knowledge and wisdom that I gained from him during the course of his workshops and outside of it is invaluable. Dr.Newton handed to me the key to success on the spiritual path ... books ! With no holding back ... he shared with me a treasure that is absolutely priceless !


From amongst the many great spiritual masters whose works I had the good fortune to read, the one who has stayed with me, who has permeated every aspect of my life and who has revealed to me my true identity is ... SETH.


SETH is an energy personality essence ... channeled by Jane Roberts while in trance state. The core teaching of Seth is, “ You create your own reality ”. Ever since I was introduced to Seth’s philosophy there has been no going back.


SETH ... is an entity who has spent many lifetimes as a human being and has since moved on to other worlds, other realms.


His communication through Jane Roberts is with the intent of helping those of us in this world with deeper insights into the far reaches of our consciousness. His teaching is from the perspective of one who has experienced life as a human being and is familiar with every twist and turn we take in our long journey to selfdiscovery. Through the study of his work I have come to know the true extent of my own personality.


SETH offers to us the opportunity to know the big picture of our true self.


I came to understand the immense power, the energy and the vitality and the magnificence of our being. The secrets of creation ... the mysteries of our existence ... began to unfold. For the first time, I understood ... in the true sense ... what a wonderful entity I am, we all are, all of creation is !


I have often heard and read how important it is for one to love one self first in order to be able to love others. I fell in love with myself for the very first time !


HIS philosophy is simple ... “ You create your reality through your beliefs ... not some of it ... not most of it ... but all of it ! ”


Understanding this unravels the mysteries of life in entirety. From the most intimate concerns of our personal lives to the largest of world issues, we create our reality, individually. The responsibility of every circumstance of our life lies in our hands.


There is no super-being who controls our destiny. On the contrary, we are that super being our selves. Ignorance of this truth is what lies between the helpless, powerless human that we think we are and the God that we actually are.


We are gods couched in creature-hood. All the qualities and powers that we attribute to a God outside of us come from a dim recollection of our own true identity. We have depended solely on information ... gathered by our senses ... to give us a picture of our reality. By doing so, we have distanced ourselves from our true personality. We feel ourselves isolated from everything around us. We feel defence-less and help-less, seemingly under the control of a power that is beyond us. Seth puts the power back into our hands by reminding us who we really are.


My dear friends, the future is in no way bleak ! All we need to do is to wake up to the nature of our true self ! We are our own god ! We have all the power to create a reality that we desire. The delay is only in becoming aware of this truth. The day we acknowledge it, the power is ours.


I implore you all, my dear friends, to remember who you really are. Let us embark on a journey of self-discovery and explore our consciousness.


Become aware of the beauty,the energy, the power that is inherent within our very being. Let us together create ... a world of love, a world of joy and a world of peaceful coexistence !


I look back on those days of my confusion and turmoil with gratitude. They were the catalyst that awakened in me the desire for change ! They nudged me onto this path of search for my true identity and purpose !


I am so very happy to say that, I have discovered my identity and purpose. I am a magnificent entity of immense proportions with the sole purpose of just ‘ being ’. We are all the same and we are all here for the same purpose.


Today, nothing gives me more joy than to be able to share my experiences. I have since given up my career as a mathematics teacher and I now devote my time entirely to the cause of spreading this message.


As a ‘ Seth Speaker ’, I give lectures and conduct workshops ... based on my understanding of the insights provided by Seth.


My practice as a past life regression therapist and a Reiki Master ... backed with the knowledge of Seth’s Philosophy ... has given me the opportunity to reach out to a number of people straining under the pressures of life.


By introducing them to their own higher selves, I have seen them overcome the worst of their afflictions ... physical, mental and emotional. By aiding them through the initial stages of self-awareness, I derive immense satisfaction from watching their consciousness bloom from there on.


My success has inspired me to set up a centre for personal growth, spiritual understanding and emotional healing.


By aligning myself to the purpose that gives me the greatest pleasure, I am enjoying my greatest pleasure !



Anuradha Ramesh
Lane - 6, House No.3, Aashirwad Enclave, Dehradun - 248001

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