" Mahatma Gandhi Again ! "



I am Girija !


My husband is S.K. Rajan ! We have two daughters ... Jayashree and Poornima and both are married.


Before coming to meditation proper, as an ordinary human being, my knowledge of meditation was limited to the idea that it meant having your mind empty, sans any thoughts.


However, only after getting to know about Pyramid Spiritual Societies, while at Mysore, and of course, the introduction to the great Spiritual Master - Patriji, did I enlarge my horizon and knowledge on what meditation could offer.


I had my maiden experience during meditation on that golden day of 5 th July, 1998. Although my eyes were closed and I had complete awareness, I could see the whole stretch of the peaks of the snow-clad Himalayas !


The thrill thus gained not only produced abundant joy and ecstasy but also triggered my determination to pursue Anapanasati Meditation regularly.


I realized that there is much more to life than simply living out our days and then disappearing into an abyss of infinite nothingness. As I started practicing meditation regularly, other developments like receiving direct voice messages, seeing past lives, serving as medium, etc. took place.


On 15th August, 2000, while meditating on the banks of the river Cauvery, in Srirangapatna, near the outskirts of Mysore, I could clearly see a statue of Mahatma Gandhi gradually turning into a human form in flesh and blood.


He told me that he was waiting for me to gain enough energy to be able to appear before me. He then took me to a space shuttle from where I could see my physical body seated in meditation. He thereupon took me to various places on ‘ the other side ’ ! I saw the Nehru family and various other leaders of the freedom struggle period enjoying themselves in huge and beautiful mansions ! Thereafter, we went to Gandhiji’s Ashram on the banks of a divine river !


The Humble Ashram was kept spick and span and was akin to the Sabarmati Ashram, that we have on Earth.


Gandhiji was engaged in great work even there ... involving soul evolution. He took me to another ‘ loka ’ ... where the beings undergo a lot of suffering due to their karmic debts.


In the year 2001, on a full moon day on 10th March, I accompanied many of the meditators, all pyramid society masters in Mysore, to the banks of the Cauvery river for a night long meditation session.


As the sun was setting, all of us sat in meditation after a bath in the river. During the meditation, I had before me the great master, Gandhiji, who welcomed me. He then took me to ‘ Vaikunta ’ and introduced me to other masters there.


He asked me if I had any questions whereupon I asked a series of questions. It was a one to one session and it clarified all the doubts that had been lingering in my mind for many years. They related to the freedom struggle, the role of the citizens in the development of the country, personal freedom, etc. Then suddenly he told me that as he would like certain messages to be passed on to humanity, to promote their spiritual advancement. He would convey them to me for a period of 42 days in succession.


The next day, I sat for meditation at my house in Mysore during sunset preparing to receive the messages. Lo and behold ! There appeared the Great Mahatma in flesh and blood !


I became the medium of the great Mahatma Gandhi and started receiving messages that were and are relevant to humanity.


My daughter Poornima started writing them down. I had not fallen into complete trance nor was I in control of what was being uttered. ‘ The Pearls of Wisdom ’ came out of my mouth without my knowledge as I sat for meditation. It appeared as if I was giving a dictation and Mahatma Gandhi was the spirit or guide who spoke through me using my normal voice which was heard by all the family members and some members of the Mysore Pyramid Spiritual Society.


I was on top of the world and was so eager to communicate all that had just transpired to our beloved Master Patriji who had shown me a new path in life. He was equally delighted and advised me to get them printed so that these could be circulated to the masters.


I present herewith a few of the collection of messages that are needed by each one of us to realize our own selves and to reach the level that Gandhiji had dreamt of a caste-less society where, each man treats all his fellow beings and the animals, with kindness and compassion and no single individual is bonded.


Truth, and Truth alone, will lead man to liberation, for,

  • truth is divine
  • truth is peace
  • truth is pure
  • truth is simple
  • truth is victorious
  • truth is powerful
  • truth is easy
  • truth binds everything
  • truth is light
  • truth is silent
  • truth is the guiding force within every individual.



Non-violence can’t be preached. Nonviolence should stem from within. It is much more of a word than compassion, kindness, affinity, love etc.


When a person meditates, he crosses his body and mind and touches the soul. When this consciousness merges with soul, the seed of nonviolence is sowed. There is a feeling of nonviolence which penetrates into every cell of his body. This gives a lot of peace to his system. This is how non-violence enters the being of a person.




The whole world appears to be full of misery. Is it not ? If everyone becomes a meditator, the misery will vanish ! It will vanish definitely in no time at all !


Just as Freedom Movement was taken to every place, Dhyana Movement should be taken to the whole world. It is no doubt a tough task. However, Dhyana Movement will spread like fire !


The goal will definitely be achieved, whatever be the hurdles faced. Do meditate and spread meditation.




You have to be silent to enjoy silence. It is a kind of zone, a zone full of calmness and peace. It is not only to stop talking and fasting of words, it is also fasting of thoughts !


Both amount to fasting of action i.e. ‘ akarma ’. One should be in mouna for atleast one day a week. You know the treasures in that zone which you can get ! The treasures are nlimited. One should experience in order to enjoy.


Mouna strengthens, mouna energizes and mouna gives all that your system needs. Remember, speech is silver but silence is golden !




Bhakti or devotion does not lie in mere worship or pooja. Bhakti lies in total surrender of your ownself, to your own higher self ... ‘ atman ’. Your ‘ self ’ merges completely with the atman during meditation. The negative ego is completely erased. The lower emotions completely get washed off. Once this stage is attained one cannot go back or descend.


Bhakti is often misunderstood. There is no outward show in real bhakti. Be a real bhaktiman.




Divinity lies in the inner core of a man. Divinity within is expressed outside in the form of selflessness, dedication, truthfulness and purity of thought, word and deed. Divinity is also expressed as oneness with the whole universe. Divinity is often misunderstood as outside show of pooja and bhakti.




Human mind today is in bits and pieces. When the pieces are put together, peace of mind will dwell upon man. Calmness of mind and serenity are obtained by one - pointed focussing of the mind inwards. Once a man loses his tranquility of mind he takes to drugs and drinks. Then he loses control of his own mind and body.




One should always be engaged in some work or the other. One should not be lazy and waste time. Work here means constructive work for the benefit of the society. One should also do such work in order to evolve oneself. While doing the work the awareness should be total, dedication should be complete; such a person is known as a true ‘ karma yogi ’.




Perfection in whatever you do is very good. It is not very easy to attain perfection without intent and dedication. There should be clear idea of what you are doing. When you do something, do it perfectly. Even the word ... every word ... that comes out of your mouth must be perfect. If you do something imperfectly, it only means that you don’t have clarity of mind. To attain this clarity of mind, do meditate.




Humility and simplicity will lead you to a soul satisfying life. Be humble and use the simplest words in order to express your thoughts and views. Eat simple and humble food which will never harm your system. Use only simple clothing. There is no limit to luxury which will lead you to an unsatisfactory life in the end. It may all appear to give you satisfaction in the beginning but all luxury will give you only temporary satisfaction. Likewise, follow the simple way of meditation that is universally true because truth is very simple. Follow a simple path throughout life and enjoy the grandest satisfaction.




Tolerance does not mean being submissive which may amount to slavery. The good or bad in others must be accepted with an open mind. The lacuna in us should be very well replaced by the good in others. This does not mean we lose our identity, nor does it mean subordination. Being tolerant is being appreciative of the good or bad in others.




Perseverance and practice can make man attain his goal. He will also be perfected in the process. A clear goal in mind and hard work will lead to success. After reaching the goal i.e. after being successful, one should not lose his balance. Nor should he lose his balance in failure or difficulties. Such a state of balance in mind can be achieved only through meditation.




The basic human nature is ‘ karuna ’. One should have abundant compassion in order to have a very good understanding. With compassion one can easily drive away all negativity. Compassion breeds compassion and hence fraternity is well developed. Such a person with compassion alone can elevate himself to the state of a superior soul.




Sympathy is also abstract. It has to be shown towards plants and animals. Sympathy shown to unworthy people may be misused. So, before our sympathy flows out, we have to look for deserving people. Without sympathy in the minds human race could have turned out to be a barbarious one.




Love is an important abstract emotion essential for life. Love never changes under any circumstance. It is a pure flow from within. It never expects anything in return from any one. It is only giving and never taking. It is not two way as people often think. This type of pure love once bloomed out, continuously flows. It is a kind of peaceful feeling. After showing love or after the flow starts it will be surprising to know that it is only growing and not diminishing. In the process of giving unconditional love the giver is always purified.




Forgive and forget in order to be happy. One who forgives and forgets short-comings of others must have enormous compassion. Such person alone can be completely at peace. A man without forgiveness will seldom grow. He will have lots of obstacles i.e. mental obstacles for his own growth. This man’s mind will be more occupied by the thought of others than those of himself.




Innocence is also something abstract. It is there before you acquire any knowledge and after you acquire all knowledge. It is never found in between. A child and an all-knowing saint are said to be innocent beings. This innocence gives you Godhood and takes you very nearer to the Almighty. So, meditate, expand your right intellect, be fullsome in knowledge and then you see innocence blooming in you like a flower.




In the name of spirituality and religion, no one should evade taking good care of their worldly possessions. We may throw a certain object thinking that we are highly spiritual. But you just think of the hard labour put in making the object you may part with. You have to part with whatever worldly things found in excess with you after usage, with the unfortunate beings in this world, but merely throwing certain objects doesn’t mean you are completely detached in worldly possessions. So, be careful, don’t put on a false garment of detachment.




Man cannot live without help from others while living in this world but at the same time, he should not become dependent or turn out to be a parasite. Creating dependence is also equally undesirable. To the maximum extent possible, man should live with his own support. Self-help is always the best help.




Poverty is generally understood as lack of food. But on this earth, with plenty of resources, I don’t see any reason for the lack of food for some. The basic reason behind is the poverty of ‘ knowledge ’... ‘ gnana ’ ... poverty of ‘ right intellect ’. Once this poverty is removed, all else will fall in line. So, develop your knowledge, right intellect and gnana.




No one has any right to commit suicide. It is against your own vow and will. For, when you are born, you fix up yourself the date of departure from this physical world, the natural way of death from the physical body. If a person commits suicide before his avowed date, then he not only suffers the guilt of murdering his own body, but also he has to work out the karma of his remaining life, which he would otherwise have lived. Even if a person has to die of hunger, this does not cause any guilt unlike the death caused by suicide. Face any problem with courage. Only with knowledge, one can solve any problem. Nobody should commit the crime of suicide.




Desire is an abstract feeling not visible to the physical eye. There is no right desire or wrong desire. Desire is different from man to man based on his evolution levels. The least evolved soul desires the most. As the soul evolves, desire changes its colour, At one point of evolution, desire ceases to be. That is the test for evolution. Thus, a highly evolved person never desires anything for himself.




One of the abstract emotions of the lower form is ‘ anger ’. Anger has to be thrown out through the sense organs. It should never be suppressed. Suppressed anger turns out to be ‘ hatred within ’. Anger for the right cause and for the right reason should always be accepted. So, have right anger and also accept the right anger of others. Wrong anger must be discarded. Face wrong anger with patience and determination.




Hatred is also an abstract emotion, but low and negative. A person full of hatred hates himself bitterly. Hatred generates hatred and hence should be completely eradicated. For this one has to meditate and touch the inner core, the higher self, which is the seat of universal compassion. We are essentially the soul, the atman which is the seat of joy, far beyond love and hatred. By regular meditation, one can easily overcome hatred.




Jealousy is another lower emotion. It arises due to lack of spiritual knowledge. This negative feeling will burn the person who is jealous. One of the best ways to overcome jealousy is to feel the divinity not only in one’s self but also in others. Wars have been waged due to jealousy of man.


So meditate, realise the divinity everywhere and get rid of jealousy.




Why do you think there is violence, unrest and turbulence in the whole world ? Is it because of man’s greed ? Or man’s ignorance ? Or due to a combination of two ? ! Once ignorance is completely replaced by knowledge, then greed ceases to exist. Ignorance is the worst enemy of man. How do we remove ignorance ? First of all, man should admit his ignorance. This openness is very essential. Then he should seek a real great Guru and also read a lot of books. By this way one can get complete knowledge. Once man gets knowledge, greed has no place and gradually peace and calmness will engulf this lovely Planet Earth.



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