" Health .. Happiness .. Harmony .. through Meditation "


I am Shankar !


I have been in the medical profession, as adermatologist, for the last 25 years in Erode, Tamilnadu.


However there has been some change in my mindset in the last ten years. I am referring to my interest in treating my patients through herbs in preference to allopathic medicines.


I have met and even have had discussions with personalities who had complete knowledge of herbs and their potential to cure diseases. In the course of these interactions, I gained tremendous insights into ancient traditional herbal therapy which was a holistic approach intended to unifying mind, body and soul.


I read quite a lot on healing through the books of Osho, Yogananda Paramahansa, Paul Brunton etc. But I had a feeling of emptiness in the absence of a living personality to impart spiritual knowledge and wisdom.


In the course of my treating patients afflicted with leprosy and/or cancer, I experimented with the herb vilvam or bilvapatram ( Aegle marmelos ). I did achieve some success. The leaves of this tree are traditionally used by Hindus for worshipping Lord Shiva.


During May, 2002, while in Erode, I happened to attend a meditation session conducted jointly by our family friend Shri S.K. Rajan along with Shri Sampath Kumar, an advocate from Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. I then learnt to do the Anapanasati Meditation. It was a maiden experience and really a thrilling one too, since I realized I could sit for quite some time without any thoughts and thus gain immense energy.


Anapanasati Meditation is a very simplified method which any individual could practice and attain Health ... Happiness ... Harmony. I had the good fortune to meet Brahmarshi Patriji and personally discussed and clarified matters on spirituality at the Lotus Hospital in Erode. Patriji also explained the importance of the pyramid.


What really created a lasting impression on me at that time, was the courage and conviction of Patriji and his forthright views on the need for spirituality in daily life without forsaking our comforts of family life ! Daily meditation also brings tremendous change in the quality of our lives and in particular in improving inter-personal relationships, says Patriji.


Using the higher spiritual knowledge which I had just started to gain, I taught meditation to all my patients in my Leprosy Project and also to cancer and HIV Positive patients.


Through my initiative, I facilitated the construction of a pyramid made out of thatched coconut leaves in my project site. The meditation inside the pyramid gave all of them immense relief from suffering, not to speak of the boost in their confidence levels. HIV positive patients have also reported that they have achieved a lot of mental peace. I have also built my bedroom with a roof top pyramid.


My family consisting of my wife Anitha, daughters Arati and Aswini are part of the meditation team ! We have opened up our house to all including AIDs patients, who desire to meditate, particularly on full moon days ! We even had a meditation session at the Leprosy Project by Patriji !


Life has undergone a great transformation not only for me but also for my family members, my friends who have been introduced to Anapanasati Meditation and also for all my patients.


During May 2005, as I am an active Rotary club member, I was invited by the Rotary International to visit Michigan and Wisconsin Rotary clubs in USA. I addressed the Rotary Conference attended by about 200 Rotarians and taught them Anapanasati Meditation.


A majority of the participants were of the view that they needed meditation to overcome their mental stress.


We went for trekking to an ancient area known as Sugarloaf Mountain and Youth Exchange, students from 18 countries participated in the expedition.


I could teach all of them meditation. The strange structure that I saw in the area was a beautiful Pyramid by the side of Lake Superior.


I taught meditation to self-help groups, who were highly stressed since they had to tackle patients who were drug and alcohol addicts or had attempted suicides.


I was fortunate to meet a native Indian Medicine man ... Shaman ... who indicated to me that our meeting was destined by divine power. He told me that we have a lot of common spiritual beliefs and values.


During my visit, I provided CDs on “ Science of Meditation ” by Patriji to all Rotarians whom I met. The CD was very well received and benefited. The day is not far off when we will hear that Pyramid Meditation Centres would be set up in Michigan and Wisconsin, which will in turn trigger a spiritual revolution in that part of the country.



Dr. N.P. Shanker Narayan
Consultant, Dermatologist
Lotus Hospital Poondurai Main Road, Kollampalayam, Erode-638 002 Tamilnadu

Ph: 0424 - 2282828 / +91 98427 - 46363

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