" I Am All That Is ! "



November 1997 ... I was transferred to Nashik on promotion.


My boss was a recluse who lived in a dream world of his own. And I had landed in a mess because I just didn’t know how to handle him ! His unpredictability and my distress had produced a situation where there was no real rapport with in us, and this only worsened our relationship.


It was then that Patriji entered my life and taught me that ... “ ‘ Anapanasati ’ is the only sure recipe for all ills ”. That day itself I left my two hour ‘ Jap Yog ’ and took to ‘ Anapanasati ’... as a duck takes to water!


February 2002 ... I first read “ Ramtha, the White Book ”. I was introduced to the most elegant theory of man as God !


It is not as if the concept of “ Aham Brahmasmi ” was new. But Ramtha puts it in such beautiful words ! It left me in no doubt that it is our own thoughts and our own attitudes, and nothing else, that together create our reality ... moment to moment !


March 2005 ... I had the good fortune to attend a Retreat at Ramtha School of Enlightenment, Yelm, Washington, USA. There, I learnt certain disciplines which I now practice daily. There are Consciousness and Energy ... ‘ C&E  ’... and the grid discipline. Before ‘ Anapanasati ’ I do C&E, and it greatly aids !


C&E involves exploding the volcano of Kundalini Energy and visualizing it travelling upwards in an anti-gravity field and making us aware of the four billion bits of information processed by the brain every minute. That is the extent of our grandeur, of which we know so little.


Our Journey on this Earth has been a grand adventure, we are as beautiful as any entity any where in the cosmos ! And it is now high time we became aware of our inherent grandeur !


Ramtha also introduced me to the book “ Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East ” by Baird T. Spalding. It is in six volumes and tells the story of the Himalayan Masters.


I learnt that time is not linear ... past, present, future are occurring simultaneously, we can’t see that because the frequency of our vibration, our consciousness, is low. So the moment we desire something, the wish is already granted. So we have to only engage in thanks giving for all the blessings the All That Is has bestowed on us, because just as the child is the natural inheritor of everything that a father has, the power of All That Is is available every moment for our enjoyment.


Daily affirmation of our grandeur is another discipline I find amazing. This involves actual thinking of the following thoughts :-


By the power of the All That Is , I say this :-


  • I am the Law-giver and whatever I say and desire happens immediately.
  • I am All that a MASTER is.
  • The Holy Spirit fills me with its power, glory and genius every moment.
  • I am filled with ABUNDANCE of joy, of wealth, health and vital energy.
  • I love everyone as I love myself.
  • I am a LUCID DREAMER, I leave my body frequently and remember the journeys.
  • Like the Cosmos, I am Eternal, every cell of my body is youthful and beautiful.
  • The Holy Spirit makes me and my family safe and secure every moment and fills me with the fullest confidence.

I know that along with ‘ Anapanasati ’, the above visualization and thoughts will greatly enhance our spiritual progress.


It is said that there are many ways to find God. I suspect that this is an excuse to keep people entrapped in their limited-ness by teachers who have a need to be Gurus, a desire to be worshipped by the multitude.


Many of the paths fashionably propounded today end in dead streets. The only path is that of affirming and re-affirming the principle of “ Aham Brahmasmi ”, of constantly invoking the All That Is which we eternally are.



Avinash K. Sahai
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