" Pyramid Nursing Home ! "


My dear friends ! I am Sathyanarayana Murthy, a general surgeon, practicing since twenty years in Jagitial, Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh.

I came in contact with Brahmarshi Patriji in July, 1998. Now, I know it was only my choice. As Richard Bach says “ There are no chances but only choices ! ”

During my earlier years, I was a sincere devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi. Indeed I have stolen the Divine Mind of Baba by performing all his seva activities within my purview.

However, after entering into the Pyramid Meditation, I have realised Enlightenment. Now there is so much burden on my shoulders to teach and spread meditation ! I have accepted the ‘ burden ’ whole-heartedly !

With the grace of Brahmarshi Patriji and other Divine Astral Masters, I could construct a beautiful and powerful Roof-Top Pyramid measuring 25’ x 25’ on top of our Nursing Home, which is catering to the needs of spiritual seekers of the entire North Telangana.

I could also run a Pyramid Spiritual monthly magazine by name “ Dhyana Jagath ” for nearly four-and-half years uninterruptedly ! I could establish nearly fifteen Pyramid Meditation Centres in and around Jagitial !

Recently, I contested for Legislative Assembly, on behalf of Pyramid Party of India and bagged 3,300 votes !

I have also organized five trekkings.

The entire credit for my spirituality and my enlightenment goes to Brahmarshi Patriji, who has ignited my soul !

As a Medical Practitioner, I find miraculous results with Anapanasati Meditation among all my patients who suffer from ailments like asthma, headache, general weakness etc. Even our local Physicians, Eye Surgeons and Neurologists are sending their patients to undergo Anapanasati Meditation in our Pyramid Centre !

I suggest my patients to do regularly meditation in the Pyramid. I also insist everybody to avoid Non-Vegetarian food totally and be a Vegetarian.

Six months of my entering into Pyramid Meditation ... I had a severe stabbing back pain for two days in two sittings. After this, one day at 11 pm, in my deep meditation, I saw and talked to “ Vashistha Maharshi ”. The Vision was crystal clear !

Once a big beam of light arose and went into the sky twice from my astral body. In fact, I was doing meditation in one room and the beam of light arose from another room through another body !

Another time I saw my three bodies apart from a beautiful star-like spark which I felt it was me ... true-self ... and I could talk to my overself which is like me but of huge magnitude. The sizes of true-self and the overself were that of earth and sun.

Once, I felt that my astral body was released and I wanted to visit Giza Pyramid. I put the intent to visit the same in the evening. But, suddenly, a roaring voice stopped me going there by telling that there were only negative entities now ! With that I was convinced. As I doubted who’s voice it was, immediately the letters on the type-writer appeared as ‘ K R I S H N A ’ !

Once, I experienced a big five-headed cobra. It was guarding my head and protecting me from heavy rainfall !

Once, Brahmarshi Patriji embraced me in my meditation and patted me with a gracious look. Soon after this I felt that entire cosmos is nothing but me and my consciousness ... including stars, the sun and earth which were within me.

After this experience I could not withstand suffocation and uttered ‘ Sai Ram - Sai Ram ’. Forthwith, I got a warning from Brahmarshi Patriji. Soon I realised my mistake and said “ Anyadha Saranam Nasthi, Ahameva Saranam Mamah ”. I can have no other refuge ! I alone save myself !

With all these experiences, reading the real spiritual books, meeting Pyramid Masters and being in constant touch with Brahmarshi Patriji, I am totally convinced that I am not mere physical body, and I am not a simple soul but an advanced soul nearing to “ buddha-hood ” !

All Medical Doctors and Medical Scientists should do Pyramid Meditation to have personal experiences ! And, they should read the right Spiritual Books to get convinced of the subject of psychosomaticity ! With this intellectuals’ support only, the New Age Spiritual Movement will progress rapidly.


Dr. V. Sathyanarayana Murthy
Founder, The Jagitial Pyramid Spritiual Society
Balaji Pyramid Dhyana Kendram, Krishna Nagar, Jagityal - 503329

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