" I Saw the Buddha ! "



It was a Sunday of July 1998, when I longed to spend watching my favourite mega-serials on the television and have the best of dishes that my mother would prepare !


But on that morning it was surprising to find my parents getting ready to go for a morning session of meditation in one of the auditoria in the city.


I was hesitant to accompany them since ‘ meditation ’ and all that sort of thing was definitely not my particular cup of tea ! However, on the promise of my being allowed to escape if the programme was dull or boring, I just decided to go along with my parents.


On reaching the hall, we found an individual with a long grey beard, clad in spotless white kurta-pyjama addressing the gathering with the words : “ You do not have to go to the mountains ! You do not have to give up your household comforts ! You can still watch good programmes on the TV ! You can eat the best of delicious vegetarian food like paneer kofta or aloo chat etc. But, spend sometime to do meditation, so that you are in tune with the body, mind and intellect and ultimately with your soul ”.


These words were music to my ears since I loved to attempt what our great sages of yore had achieved through their meditation. But alongside was the unpalatable conditions that I had envisaged e.g. avoid good food, resist temptations to wear good clothes or even stop smiling altogether since spirituality according to me was fraught with seriousness ! But that was not to be, according to this New Age Guru, whose name is Brahmarshi Patriji.


Slowly, the programme gathered momentum with the instructions from Patriji to start meditation, by closing our eyes, clasping the hands and observing our breath. I found it was wonderful and suddenly I heard a most melodious flute from somewhere ! Probably a cassette being played to soothen our minds and senses, I thought ! ( Later I realized that it was the Guru himself who was playing the flute ).


All of a sudden my mind’s eye was a witness to a long dark tunnel which led me to the end and there I saw the smiling illumined face of Gautama Buddha ! How could it be seen when I had not even remotely imagined any figure or deity or guru ?


After some time the music of flute stopped and we were all told to open our eyes. The experience was exhilarating and fantastic ! I shared my experience with my parents ... who too had very good experiences in meditation. After a while, a coffee break was announced when the bearded Guru was seen speaking to various individuals in the hall. He had no inhibitions or reservations and was seen to mingle very casually with everyone there !


Suddenly he caught sight of me and came close to me when I was asked whether I found the meditation good and easy to practice. I fumbled for an answer in the presence of this radiant, awe-inspiring master and I picked up courage to state that I had seen a tunnel and the Buddha. He was very happy to hear everything in detail. Afterwards, I was called on to the dias. Despite my stage fear, I could narrate my experience cogently to the audience !


I was happy that I learnt something unique on that Sunday, thanks to the persuasion of my parents. That proved to be a turning point in my life since I took to meditation on regular basis and even reading the best of spiritual books to expand my spiritual knowledge.


At the age of 23, I consider myself very very fortunate in coming across such a great Spiritual Master !


I have had wonderful meditational experiences all these years including the capacity to see my own past lives ... and also those of many other people.


I can see and explain aura of others. I can read the vibrations in any place and I can address any big crowd, in fact, even deliver speeches on the need for spiritual awareness and wisdom !


Hail unto this Great Master ! Hail unto the Science of Meditation !



Poornima Adithya
ASHA (H.Name), H.No. KNRA-150, Near ARMY Recutment Office,

Poojappura, Trivandrum - 695012

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