“ I owe Everything that I have in

my life to Patriji ”



I am " Aruna Kanthi ", born and brought up in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.


Currently, I am living in Chennai with my husband, mother-in-law and a three year old daughter.


My husband " Uday " works for TCS, my parents live in Visakhapatnam and my sister in Chicago.


Although I have had my spiritual quest ever since my child-hood, my actual spiritual journey started only eight years ago, during Buddha poornima celebrations held at Bengaluru, when I met Brahmarshi Patriji for the first time. In that moment, I recognized my source of spirituality. Since then, my life took a 'u' turn away from worldly affairs.


My MOM started her meditation much before all of us and literally improved her health. That was the very reason to inspire me and I, too, took to meditation. Although, it took some time, I also started exploring myself in terms of meditational experiences. In fact, I started witnessing life as  on-going package of varied experiences. 


Patriji makes a significant impact every time I meet him and leaves me with a profound influence upon me. I am always moved by his unique qualities .. acceptance, non-judgment, and unconditional friendship.


The way he listens to people is something of a mystery to me. I always wished and wondered how I too can develop such qualities.


Then, I started looking into my life as to how much I am making judgments, evaluating others, being conditional and not accepting life as it is. I was surprised by the insight that I was not even 1% of what he practises. I found that almost all the time, I am either judging or evaluating.


As I always have an option, using my options wisely and spiritually, I stopped judging people altogether and adapt to the circumstance around me.


All through my life, I have been wondering what is all about " acceptance ". It was a big unanswered question that how can I accept someone whom I hate to my core ? I don't know how the question was answered but it got answered !


Some angel or master boomed me with the answer that " you create your own reality ".


In any situation or relationship, before I ask, why does anyone behave with me like this, I ask myself, what and how I have caused , her or ' him ' to behave like that. Then, I could go beyond my judgment and just started accepting everything the way it is and the way it is not.


No matter what comes to me, I am the cause. This insight gave me a whole new freedom from most of my anxieties.


Again and again, I have to say, I am so surprised at the way of Patriji listens to people. He is absolutely curious to listen to others' experiences. I always wonder how one can listen to somebody without making any meanings.


In contrast, when I start listening to others, so much of my own internal conversation takes over my presence of listening.


During the long years of apprenticeship under Patriji, I have come to know that listening is the key ingredient of communication and communication is the key ingredient for achieving connectivity.


Unless someone is connected to the other person, no one can really make any headway or make a difference to another. The way millions and millions of people get connected to Patriji clearly depicts his amazing power of listening!


I never had an access to listening until one day, when an angel disclosed the secret of it. The more I pay attention to the present, the more I started listening to people which really made me to be in the present moment again .. and it also made me powerful in my communications.


The popular spiritual question " What am I ? " had also been the very basic question in me also for whole my life. Though, I was conceptually aware that " I am not my body and I am the soul ", yet, I could not realize the self.


My meditation showed me the path of selfrealization. The way I know that I am NOT my body, I also came to know that I am NOT my emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes .. set of all these called as identity or personality.


I know that I am certainly a separate entity than my identity. If so, where is that ' I ' ? Fortunately, I have been guided to drop each of these attributes of my identity one after the other.


I also started noticing that an inner dialogue or internal conversation is forever going on and on within, as if one is speaking and the other is listening.


Though the observant is not involved in the dialogue, observer is existing.


That moment, I realized that observer is the space and I am pure space .. the same space Lord Buddha talked about .. the same space out Patriji always makes us to realize.


Now being a SPACE, nothing bothers me any longer ! The moment I am present to the dialogue, it disappears. Then there will be " nothing " ! What a freedom and bliss to be "nothing ". Now, I know the answer to u What I am " .. is " nothing " !


By practicing these attributes of enlightenment, I started living my life very powerfully. It could bring in whole new levels of bliss in each area of my life. My spirituality shot up to the next level. .


My daughter started guiding me even when she was in my womb itself. Actually, that was the first time, I sensed the guidance and presence of a great soul within me.


That day, in my meditation, when I was in the third month of my pregnancy, she came to my vision, exactly the way she looked when she would be one year old, and started playing with me and also told me to name her as " Brunda ". I was actually about to ask Patriji to name her but she left me with no choice.


Any way, we took little bit of liberty to rename her as " Vrinda ". However, I was so happy to realize that I need not even worry about her name. I was an ambitious woman in my career but I had to quit the job for the sake of my cute little daughter.


I always remember to set goals in my materialistic life as well as spiritual life. My journey continues .. being nothing .. and being a vegetarian too.


I owe everything that I have in my life to Patriji and he is forever and forever in my life.



 T.Aruna Kanthi

Sholinga Nallur


Ph: +91 9500093443

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