“ I operate from heart-centered

approach and beingness ” 




I am Julian Kay from Singapore.


In the beginning of the Year 2012, due to an unsatisfactory job scope and workplace, I left my position as a Marketing Communications Executive in a private school. At that time, I felt a lack of progression and life becoming stagnant and purposeless.


I thought that a different job and work environment would resolve this problem. So, I joined an investment seminar company, where a friend of mine was working. It also turned out to be a disaster. Here too, I could not adjust to the work environment and job scope. It came to a point where everything was becoming unbearable. I started breaking down, left the company and was jobless. I was like a fish out of water. I was finding myself aloof and was very, very disgusted with life.


The deepest part of me knew that I deserved better, to be joyfully doing what I love to do, to live from the depths of my being ·· without stress and unease. I knew that is how I should feel. But, I was experiencing just the opposite.


Out of desperation, turned towards meditation in the hope of finding a solution to the mess I was in.


It was through my mother's recommendation that I got to know about a spiritual community which conducted weekly meditation sessions based on Osho Chakra Meditation.


At that time, I did not realize that this was a unique opportunity, a heart opening and the beginning of my spiritual journey inwards. The spiritual community was the only place of solace that I had.


I attended the sessions regularly and formed friendships with members of the community which included my mom and her friends. I felt safe in this community. The group consisted of people who were striving to operate from ' beingness ’, incorporating a spiritual way of life amidst their day to day challenges.


Through this community, I got introduced to Madam Judy Satori, an internationally known energy healer and also visited The Pyramid Meditation Centre in Singapore. I started listening to the audios and reading the messages channelled by Judy Satori. From there I got an understanding of how some of us come from different star systems and that we had agreed to experience life with a physical body on Earth, align and contribute to Earth's ascension.


I also started attending Pyramid Meditation sessions. Although I struggled each time during the one-hour long meditation sessions, something in me told me to keep returning to the sessions conducted twice a week, back then.


I knew that was struggling with an overactive, pessimistic and negative mind. I knew that if I wanted to overcome the anxiety and stress that I was experiencing, meditation is the only way to reverse the situation.


Soon, I began to build new friendships within the Pyramid Meditation group and Navneet Kaur ( present organizer of Pyramid Meditation Centre in Singapore) was one of the key persons.


I enjoyed the energy of the Pyramid Masters as their focus was mainly on meditation and increasing awareness on spiritual matters and being non-religious.


In the year 2013, I was asked by Navneet to attend GCSS being organized at Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, India. I was part of a three member Singapore team represented by Navneet, myself and our common friend, a spiritual seeker.


At the GCSS, I enjoyed the deliberations by the eminent speakers, the peaceful environment, very refreshing air and all the more a delicious vegetarian food. There and then, I felt that seeds of spiritual development have been planted in me. And, I became aware of how the three-in-one formula .. " meditation, spiritual knowledge, and vegetarian diet " .. cohesively influence a person under the shelter of Pyramid Energy. Unknowingly, I needed this energy and allowed it to flower in my life. 


In the beginning of the year 2014, I also attended a workshop on " Death and Meditation " at Jacqueline Longstaff's Ashram in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Between the years 2013 and 2014, I was working in a global advertising agency and by which time, I attended various workshops and meditation sessions. However, my narrow definition of success was again back with me in order to make a lot of money and have very many connections in my career to be a successful person. And, I believed that only by achieving this one would find happiness. Since this was my definition of success and happiness, I started putting all my time, effort and resources in worldly affairs to advance my business career.


Around April 2014, a lot of my time was consumed for my office work and dead-lines. I had very little time at my disposal for meditation while I was working hard to prove myself. My desires to climb the corporate ladder and get higher pay packets increased. I got my desires fulfilled as I was promoted with a significant pay increase. It seemed that I was on my path towards meeting my philosophy of success and happiness. 


However, life and the universe had a learning process waiting for me to discover and experience. After advancing into this higher position, I reached a level where I experienced the world of back-biting and political nastiness in the name of personal advancement and business, Competitive work politics, the darkness of the human spirit where personal interest came at the expense of others was happening every day.


At the same time, I was handling clients who were overly demanding. They were requesting for work with unrealistic deadlines and using fear tactics in their correspondence with me. There was no sense of collaboration or fairness. It was a kind of mentality " I am paying you, so just do your job ".


Very soon, I felt a sense of loss of direction, stress and anxiety and my past experience of the year 2012 struck me again. I could no longer feel the joy of work. I felt that I did not want to compete and live life in a robotic manner. Hence, I returned to Pyramid Meditation after months of being ' off the scene '. I also quit my job in the global ad agency.


At that period, " The International Spiritual Conference " in Malaysia was on schedule. Navneet again asked me to attend the conference. I felt it was life's way of putting me back on track, and Universe knew about my life's direction to be joyful.


Coincidentally, I received a call from one of my former colleagues who asked me to go for an interview at a local boutique ad agency where he was working. It seemed that the Universe was planning the next stage of growth for me. I secured the new job and was looking forward to attending the International Conference in Malaysia with anticipation. This would be a long awaited break from the prolonged stress I endured.


I enjoyed the International conference thoroughly. Although I arrived earlier in Genting, Malaysia, and had to spend the night in the conference lobby, I was not in a mode of complaining. Instead, I just accepted things the way they were. I knew that I was meant to attend the conference and would not allow minor frustrations to distract me from what I would be receiving during the three-day conference.


I enjoyed the discourses given by Judy Satori, Victoria Webby and the host of other speakers. During the conference, I was also introduced to Dr. Shankar Narayan, one of the speakers at the conference. During lunch break, on the first day of the conference, he put his hand on my shoulder and said: " Today you will be a vegetarian ”.  I said " yes ” . And, ever since, I am a strict vegetarian.


After the conference, Navneet requested that I become a volunteer at Pyramid Meditation, Singapore, since I had been attending meditation sessions for about two years. Moreover, I had attended many workshops and seminars, benefited from meditation and also cultivated spiritual awareness. I felt that the time was ripe and my heart told me it was the next step for me to take. I now facilitate weekly pyramid meditation sessions. 


I am still very much goal oriented, and I want to achieve success at all levels, be it in my career, relationships or love, and fulfill my highest potential and expansion in life.


However, I am now aware that there is no separation from spiritual well-being, awareness and achievement of one's highest potential in life. This conscious ..awareness has infused in me a way of being which honours my deepest desires yet I am not overruled by my desires.


I operate from heart-centered approach and from ' beingness ' towards my goals, desires and interaction with others. I know that external events may not adjust according to my liking, but they operate from core. By honouring the intentions and dreams that I hold deeply, I can continue walking along my path.


Although I feel alone at times, I realize that if I work on myself in a sincere and heart-centered manner, my intentions and desires will find a way to manifest themselves. It is just a matter of time .. sooner or later.


One of my goals is to be an example of one who is honouring his true self and making sincere efforts to come closer to one's joy and happiness. It is only when we live unconsciously, following what was inherited from one's past or what society expects, that we experience continued frustration and unhappiness. 


I intend to assist with sharing and igniting the spiritual journey and welfare of innumerable spiritual seekers in just the same way I had benefited from the efforts and energies of the Pyramid Meditation Centre, Singapore, which helped to bring the spiritual and heart centered dimension into my life.



Julian Kay 


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