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I am Navneet Kaur.


I was born and brought up in a Sikh family in Singapore. I am the eldest in the family and have two younger sisters. My father was also born and brought up in Singapore and my mother is from India.


I enjoyed the experience of growing up in a multi-racial country. My friends are of Chinese and Malay backgrounds ·· and in school ·· I learnt the Malay language as my second language. I completed my education in Singapore and got my graduate degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore in the Year 1999.


From an young age, my parents placed a lot of emphasis on the merits of the Sikh religion. I acquired basic knowledge about the Sikh Gurus and beliefs but was least interested in delving deeper.


I would go to the Gurdwara ( Sikh temple ) on important occasions with family, recite some verses which I had memorized, and do Seva ( selfless service ) in the Gurdwara occasionally. Listening to the hymns of kirtan in the Gurdwara was always a blissful experience.


From my child-hood, I formed an impression that God existed outside of me, far beyond reach. I would remember God in times of fear, in times when I needed more strength, and during times when I felt immense gratitude. Religion offered a sense of identity and the opportunity to dwell on God. Beyond that, I did not question the role of religion in my life until I began my real spiritual quest.


A failed marriage ·· lasting for less than two years .. triggered my spiritual search at the age of thirty for me. I experienced a deep sense of physical and emotional pain which I had never felt before.


The physical pain came in the form of joint pains in both my hands which forced me to seek medical treatment. I was told that I had rheumatoid arthritis and was given medication to treat the symptoms. The medicine didn't suit me at all and it caused serious side-effects. So, I stopped taking all that allopathic medicine.


Further, I tried ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine which didn't help either. There was a part of me which could not accept that I had an illness ! Fortunately; the joint pains went away quickly on their own, after I had moved out of my marital home in September, 2007. This, in fact, prompted a profound knowing within me of the mind-body connection.


The emotional pain took much longer to heal. Sitting in the Gurdwara did not give me the peace of mind that I was seeking. I felt a pull towards truly knowing myself, my higher purpose of life on Earth and healing my pain in the process. Soon after, a good friend of mine, " Tapsy ", steered me towards all sorts of meditations and healing modalities.


In the Year 2008, I tried active meditation techniques by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Osho, Theta healing and a couple of other techniques too. I also started reading spiritual books and especially liked those written by Eckhart Tolle. Reading and active meditation techniques became a part of my regular life-style and I began to feel more optimistic about life again.


In January 2011, a friend introduced me to a group that was practicing a simple meditation using a ' pyramid '. I was intrigued and immediately attended my first group session. I felt a great surge of energy the very first time when I sat under the ' pyramid ’. Until that time, I am never used to sitting still for sixty full minutes ! So, I found the first session incredibly long ! However, the technique of becoming one with the breath called " Anapanasati " was very simple, which I greatly liked.


After the first pyramid-meditation session, I felt so recharged and energized that I could not fall asleep that night. I only managed to get a few hours of sleep. However, the next day it felt as if I had a good night's rest. I was fascinated by the pyramid energy .. so I started attending weekly group pyramid-meditation sessions. I enjoyed the group energy and group sharing at the end of each session.


In April 2011, I joined a new company and was experiencing a lot of stress due to work pressure. I had the urge to make pyramid meditation a part of my daily routine in order to feel better. So, I took up the 40-day challenge. I bought a large pyramid and placed it in my bedroom and meditated for at least thirty minutes every night.


I also decided to stop eating meat which was surprisingly easy to do.


Within a few months, the people whom I deemed as the cause of my stress at work either resigned or got transferred out of the department ! My relationships with immediate bosses and colleagues also improved and I felt good about my work prospects.


In September 2011, during a group pyramid meditation session, I heard the words " Step up and do more ". After the session, the group facilitator, " Shashi " made an announcement requesting for new volunteers. I immediately shared with him the message which I had received during meditation. He welcomed me as a volunteer of " PSSM Singapore " and supported me to lead group sessions every Tuesday evening in a new centre.


That month, I also travelled to India and attended the 4th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists ( GCSS ) 2011 conference in Bengaluru. I was awed by the sacredness of the energies surrounding Pyramid Valley. The meditation sessions allowed me to feel a deep sense of calmness.


I also enjoyed meeting with Brahmarshi Patriji, Jasmuheen and other spiritual masters at the grand event. Overall, the time spent in Pyramid Valley impacted me in a big way. I truly felt that I was now on the right path towards fully knowing myself and my purpose for being on Earth.


I became actively involved with PSSM Singapore upon my return from Pyramid Valley. Besides weekly group meditation sessions, we organized events for visiting masters like Jasmuheen, Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Judy Satori. It was a wonderful experience to be in the presence of great masters and to hear their wisdom on spiritual topics.


January 2013, Shashi decided to discontinue his involvement with PSSM Singapore for personal reasons. So, I took over as the point of contact. We are now a lean team of four volunteers managing weekly meditation sessions and events in Singapore.


In the Year 2013, I again travelled to India and attended the 6th GCSS and met with the in- charge of International Affairs of PSSM, Pradeep Vijay Kumar. With Pradeep's help, PSSM Singapore organized Brahmarshi Patriji's visit to Singapore on 5th and 6th September, 2014.


Patriji's Singapore Visit was a heartfelt experience for me. Not only did he encourage me to write this article but also to work towards establishing an academy in Singapore to be named as " The Singapore Spiritual Science Academy ( SSSA ) ".


He added " You will be a natural leader for Singapore ". I was overjoyed to receive such divine guidance and blessings from Grand Master Patriji. I feel privileged to serve and am motivated to start the work.


Recently, I attended the 7th GCSS, ( 2nd to 5th October, 2014 ) where I again had the privilege to meet Patriji. This time he encouraged PSSM Singapore to organize a mini conference similar to GCSS in the coming month of June in the coming year of 2015. This would also serve as a platform to inaugurate the launch of " SSSA ".


According to Patriji, Singapore would be a gateway to spreading pyramid-meditation in to China and an inspiration to neighbouring countries.


During my very recent trip to India, I had the opportunity to meditate in the Omkareshwara Pyramids, Achampet, in the Telangana State. There I received a vision of a Pyramid to be built in Singapore, by the government, in the year 2018.


My journey with " PSSM Singapore " has been most fulfilling, allowing me to experience stillness, know myself as an infinite being, to seek higher truths and to serve selflessly.


I no longer have the impression that God is far beyond reach. With this knowing, I now live my life with complete trust, peace and joy.




Navneet Kaur



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