I experienced more Energy when
I was doing meditation under Pyramid
- Shastri, Delhi
  The best service to humanity is
spreading Spirituality
- Rangaswami, Bangalore

Meditation makes you to concentrate
 and avoid disturbance
- Venkata Kotesh, Chennai

Health problems are solved
by doing Meditation regularly - Prakash
   Meditation helped me to
become a vegetarian
- Gayatri
  I experienced a blissful state
at Pyramid Valley
- Sahil Kandoi, Bhubaneshwar 
Meditation is for the youth,
not for old people
- Divya Makam, Bengaluru
  I got inspired
by seeing Patriji's Selfless services
- C.H.Swarnalatha 
  I have seen Lobsang Rampa in meditation.
He is my guiding master
- Pranitha, Hyderabad
My eye sight is corrected
by practicing Meditation
- Neeja, Chennai
  Meditation and Vegetarianism
helps to improve studies
- Dhanush
  Concentration improved and
I am boosted up with
Meditation - Bhuvan 
I'm a Dhyana Vidyarthi.
Meditation helped me in
studies - Pooja, Chennai
  Concetration improved with
practice of Meditation
- Manasa
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