ध्यान के अनुभव

" मैं ध्यान में खुद के बारे में 
पता चल गया " 
- सौरव रंजन, नयी दिल्ली
  " ध्यान के द्वारा हम कुछ भी
पा सकते है, कुछ भी जान सकते है "
- आशा गुप्ता, नयी दिल्ली
  " Pyramids help everybody in the
surroundings including nature "
- Srinivas Gattani, Nalgonda
" You will get everything with
regular practice of Meditation "
- Rekha, Cuttack
  " I found the missing thing
in my life through Meditation "
- Bimal Sundar, Bhubaneshwar
  " My aim is to teach meditation
every day "
- Kantha Duggar, Cuttack 
" I found lot of changes in my
work after doing Meditation "
- Mishra
  " Sinus and joint pains are
cured naturally with practice
of Meditation " - Neeta, Cuttack 
  " I feel more energy in
Meditation. I get concentration
in studies " - Yogender
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